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Real Estate Presentations – Building Your Persuasive Case

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Learn the Top Mistake in Realtor Presentations and How to Make them Effective

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Build Persuasive Realtor Presentations

Everyone is selling something...

Whether it’s a product, service, philosophy, idea or most importantly when you are selling yourself.

In today’s market is it good enough to "tell" or is it time to "show and sell"?

Finish this statement "talk is... Cheap"!

A mentor and friend of mine Terry Sjodin says the top mistake in sales presentations is sale professionals who are Telling versus Showing and Selling to their clients and being Informative versus being Persuasive and producing higher results in sales.

I am not saying to guilt the client with information but rather persuade them by presenting rock solid persuasive arguments and visuals that reinforce your arguments.

We can’t rely on giving them tons of verbal information and hope they solve it themselves. If it's to be then it is up to me.

Every sales presentation falls under one of these 3 categories:

  • Informative – (teachers) unbiased, presents all sides, cooperative, promotes learning
  • Ceremonial – toast, acceptance speech, communicating value
  • Persuasive – intent, act on it, guide to a decision, mutual process, provide choice

You have to ask yourself "What’s your 3 minute elevator speech?"

What do you say to intrigue the client to meet again? What are your truly compelling arguments? What is the most compelling element of what you want to say to the client today?

Sjodin recommends you take the time to create your T.V. famous Dave Letterman Top 10.

Craft your top 10 Key points for the client and what those 10 key points mean to them. After you draft your Top 10 client benefits then I always suggest you do what I call the "SO WHAT TEST"?

Read each of your top benefits and then put yourself in your clients shoes... will they be able to reply "So WHAT" to your benefit or will they not have an answer to the question?

So many sales people spend their presentations presenting feature after feature instead of benefit after benefit to the client.

Lay out your top 10 persuasive arguments at the beginning of all your presentations including Buyer, Listing and Pricing presentations.

Then lay out your supporting details to prove your arguments in the body of the presentation.


  • The First 60 seconds – "safe island" the client (where you are going, why you are going there)
  • Then present to them... Why you?
  • Why your company?
  • Why now?
  • Use a Grabber – call to action.
  • Here are the 6 Most Persuasive Arguments
  • How do you save them time?
  • How do you save them money?
  • How do you help them avoid mental stress?
  • How are you going to give safe, secure, service (no surprises)
  • How do you make this fun?
  • How do you make this easy?
  • Are you a concluder or a closer?
  • Why be afraid of the "no"?
  • Then finish it all off with the Closer Dialog – the True Objection Purger
  • “I know you're busy and I am really busy too, so let’s set up our next time to talk about this right now!” or “In order for us to move forward here is what I need you to do”


I trust that these persuasive presentation techniques and dialogs add to your sales persuasion and closing skills and move away from Telling and move toward Showing and Selling.

Feel free to share any questions or comments in the box below.

Strength and courage,


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