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An Agent Edge For Winning The Listing Prior To The Appointment.

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agents edge winning listing prior to appointmentWant an edge for winning the listing prior to the appointment?

Does it make sense to show sellers how you go above and beyond even before you meet? Would you care to learn a small sampling of what will set you apart from the competition? So many real estate agents today are missing the greatest tool for creating a raving fan and telling your story… It’s called the Pre Seller-Package!

So, Wade why would you implement this type of program into your business? I thought you’d never ask… Here are 6 benefits:

  • Makes the listing appointment easier.
  • Makes getting the signature easier (this alone should be worth it)
  • Builds your credibility as a realtor quicker.
  • Builds the rapport earlier.
  • Qualifies the client earlier than later.
  • Creates a lingering experience for the seller before you meet.

I love the idea of sending the prelisting package via courier, with your assistant or better yet, deliver it by hand yourself to the seller prior to your listing appointment and WOWing and awing them before your actual listing appointment. Who doesn’t like surprises at their door? Most realtors struggle with what they put in the package. AND… How should the package be presented? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1.) Biography… Info on you
2.) Resume
3.) Info/stats on you and your company track record
4.) Samples of your marketing plan – all things you do
5.) Personal handwritten note or letter
6.) Testimonials
7.) Statistics and Reports
8.) Personal Guarantee – easy out listing agreement.
9.) Checklists
10.) Step-by-step process for listing with you and your company
11.) DVD’s – by trainer David Knox “How to Choose an Agent” “Preparing Your Home to Sell” “Pricing Your Home to Sell.”
12.) Popcorn and Pop (why not?)
13.) You can then package all this up into a gift basket or place all the items in a nice, branded vinyl envelope. Create a branded gift box or my personal favorite is Jack Cotton’s prelisting hard cover bound book with glossy paper, which is just first class. I recommend something that will impress your potential client upon arrival.

What do you think this type of package would do to your closing ratio for listing appointments? Or what would it do to your advocacy and sharing with others why they would choose you and your service? I challenge you… Dare to be different and rise above the competition without even saying a word.

Strength and courage,



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