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realtor 90 day shift“Do the thing, have the power.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Such a simple, yet profound idea. It’s one of my favourite mantras in both life and business.

In an era when everyone is seeking shortcuts and wanting results in the blink of an eye, it lays out the truth in plain language… You’ve gotta do the work to get the reward. If you’re putting in the work and looking for that Shift!

Step 1: Clearly Declare What You Want + Tell Others About It

This first step in the process is pretty straightforward…

You need to decide what you want in specific detail.

Then, don’t keep it to yourself. Goals kept private rarely get accomplished. So go tell people. Announce it from the rooftops.

Step 2: Start Your 90-Day Shift!

This is where you really start “doing the thing” that will give you the power.

You need to be performing the right activities – the actions that align with your goals – for 90 days. Each individual day might not move the needle, but collectively these 90-day cycles will most definitely move you closer to your goal.

Why 90 days? Because it gives you an opportunity to create real results. Any less and you haven’t given whatever you’re doing a chance to make a difference in your business.

Step 3: Momentum

At a certain point within your 90-day cycle, you’ll begin to see tangible results of your work. I’m sure you’ve experienced this in your business when your activities begin to pay off and suddenly things are clicking.

This is being in the momentum state.

But BEWARE! There are two ways to will quickly kill your momentum:

One, your ego jumps up to bite you. When you start gaining traction, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re doing great and let your foot off the pedal.

Two, you stop doing the work that got you there.

If you realize you’ve fallen victim to one of these traps, it’s time to push the reset button and begin a new 90-day cycle.

Step 4: Stabilization

I’m not going to promise you that one 90-day cycle will move your business significantly. But when you keep doing those activities repeatedly, your business will grow.

Which means you need to be paying attention and adjusting accordingly.

Growth requires new systems and structure, and that’s what the “stabilization” phase is all about… Identifying what’s needed at this new stage in order to stay there:


Don’t ignore this step! Without regularly stabilizing your business after growth spurts, you’ll fall back down to where you are most stable.

Step 5: More 90-Day Shift & Stabilization

After stabilizing, it’s time to get back to the work, and then rinse and repeat…

Get right back into more 90-day cycles (yes, cycles plural) and stabilize when needed.

Do that again and again. Stick with it and stay committed.

Because eventually your discipline, hard work, and perseverance will pay off and you’ll hit…


When you “do the thing” over and over and over again…

When you build that momentum and maintain your discipline…

At a certain point your work is going to pay off and you’ll create a sudden and unpredictable burst of results.

I’m not talking about a little rush of activity, but the big jump from 30 transactions to 90 in one year.

This is the quantum leap where you can achieve true, lasting exponential growth in your business. (As long as you stabilize once again after taking that giant leap.)

Step 7: More 90-Day Shift & Stabilization

The last step in this process is to get right back to the work. Jump into a new 90-day cycle and stabilize when needed. You’ve gotta keep doing the thing to give you the power.

Take the 90-Day Call Out?!

What are 3-7 non-negotiable activities you’ll do in your business every day for 90 days in a row? (Or 78 if you want to take one day off each week – it’s up to you.)

Let me know what you’re committed to in the comments below!


Strength and courage,



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