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Communicating Your Value Proposition in Real Estate

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what is your unique value proposition

Is there any competition in your marketplace? You and I both know there are a ton of real estate agents out there! There is this myth that all agents and all companies are the same and do all the same things. The challenge is how to separate yourself from the competition…

Here’s the truth… If you’re not unique, then you’re weak! Be committed to creating a better experience for your customers because you know your unique factors! What unique factors do you have that create a better experience for your clients? What is your value proposition, and how are you communicating it fast?! It is amazing to me how so many agents struggle responding to the questions, so why you? Why your company? Why now?

Let’s talk about Your Super Bowl Commercial. Imagine if you invested $5,000,000 in a Super Bowl commercial! It would be 30-60 seconds long and be seen by 114,000,000 people. What would your pitch be? What would you say about yourself and why should the customer want to work with you? On a smaller scale you are advertising yourself every day… When someone says, “you are in real estate?”, what do you say? Is it unique? Remember if I am not unique, then I am weak!

How Do I Create My Powerful Pitch?

  1. Start with a problem. This is a hook, and the reason a customer should be interested. The goal here is to articulate a problem that connects with the kind of customers you want to serve. When you speak to people through their problems, you are speaking life into them engaging with you.
  2. Amplify a problem. Use quick examples… Say something like “buying a home is easy…” Then list out some of the problems most of your customers might face. Remember to think about this from your customer’s perspective and the types of questions they are asking… Questions like: So, what? What’s in it for me? Can you prove it?
  3. Offer Your Solution. Talk about facts, data, proof, and credibility. You can even use a script. “Clients work with us because we have the experience, we sell homes faster, and get our customers more money. We pride ourselves on customer experience and relationships, and we have 7x times more five-star reviews than any real estate agent in our marketplace. Our number one aim is to make sure you are our next five-star review, and we want to deliver that experience to you. These are my competitive advantages (restate them) that you can hold me accountable to.” Remember, even if you are a brand-new agent, you can still use the facts and data from your office (be honest and disclose that) to offer the solution to your customers.
  4. C.T.A. You’ve got to have some kind of call to action! It could be something like visit our site, like our page, schedule an appointment, or sign the contract. Remember if you don’t close you can’t win!

    The Most Persuasive Words. Have you heard of the 12 words that are the most persuasive? They are: You, Money, Save, New, Results, Easy, Health, Safety, Love, Discovery, Proven, and Guarantee.

    Think about your marketing presentation; are you using those words? The most engaging agents know the words to say and how to say them, get people’s attention, and stand out!
    - “Marketing Plan Sell’s Homes For More.”
    - “I Create Buying Opportunities for my Buyer, Not Wait For Buying Opportunities.”

    Sellers want to hire an agent who sells homes, not just list homes; there is a difference. The agent that nets them more money and sell them faster than everyone else in their marketplace. Buyers are looking for the agent who finds and creates their buying opportunity for them, not the agent who sits and waits and watches the hot sheets every day. Buyers want to know that you negotiate more off the asking price than everyone else in their marketplace. Now that is VALUE!!

You and the Competition.

Listen, when you follow all these steps you are creating a degree of separation between you and the competition. When you can articulate your uniqueness and how you can solve problems for your clients you are standing out from the competition! This makes it much easier for your clients to choose you over all those other agents in the marketplace. Take the time to really invest in your pitch and identify what it is that makes you and your experience unique. What are the problems that buyers and sellers are facing today in your marketplace? What do you do to provide solutions to the buyer and seller? You only have seconds to engage, persuade, and differentiate yourself from the competition. I challenge you to work on your power pitch and really stand out from your competitors.

Strength and courage,




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