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Getting Listings In A Low Inventory Market 2024

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getting listings low inventory market 2024

Most markets in North America are experiencing unprecedented low inventory levels and the supply is just not meeting the demands of buyers. The spring is quickly coming upon us and the key to our success as agents is the inventory game and having that listing inventory going into the spring and summer season. So, if there are little or no listings how can I buck the trend and create listings vs. wait for listings? Here are my top ideas for you to implement now and begin winning the inventory game!

1. Unsolicited Market Evaluations for Past Clients - Put together a snapshot market evaluation package for each one of your past clients ( Don’ give them your estimated selling price). We want to deliver or mail the package of comparable’s so the client can physically see and touch the information you are providing and see the "value add" you deliver. Let them know many of your clients are curious what their current property value is, and you took the liberty of preparing a snapshot for them to see where their property currently sits. This is a great tool for them to see their current property value for sufficient home insurance coverage. For income tax purposes regarding capital losses and gains and just where they stand financially. Three days after you have delivered the information call them and follow the package up. Ask if they got the package? Did they have any questions? They noticed for legal and insurance purposes you need to physically view their home to give them a specific value of their property. Would there be a good time for you to come over and view the property and give them a number? Ask them if they have other real estate holdings you could evaluate for them? Ask them if they know other friends, family or coworkers that would appreciate the same service?

2. Direct Mail - There are many reasons you could send out unaddressed ad mail to get new listings but remember direct mail is not as effective without follow up by a door knock or phone call. The top direct mail reasons that seem to get the best results are “We Just Sold” and implying there are more buyers still looking. The other is “We Have A Buyer” and looking for a home for them. Please don’t use either of these methods if you don’t have a bona fide buyer. Get in the door honestly. Other options are “Open House Invite” or “Just Listed” or the most over used option “Free Home Evaluation”.

3. Letter Tuck Reverse Door Knock - Letter tuck versus direct mail will get you the numbers that you need. 50-75 letter tucks (unbranded) will get you one call. Tuck all your 75 letters and then reverse door knock until your time has run out. The door knock is a warm approach now and not a cold door knock. Again, the most successful conversion is coming from a “We Have A Buyer” and “We Just Sold”. Many of my coaching clients say a 90-minute door knock set between 3pm and 6 pm is always a great time and something comes from it every time.

4. Open House. Floor Time/Kiosk – These are the only options agents have where the customer will come to you and the agent does not have to go to the customer. For those that are prospecting reluctant then these options are the only hope you must generate the listings.

5. Geographic Farm – Two options here for the geo farm. Option one is to mail the farm area every second week, door knock, Facebook page, you tube channel, etc. The second option is to find a specific area, building or complex with a 6% or higher annual turnover rate and pull title on every homeowner and personally mail them 4 times a year specifically about their area and the general market conditions and have a website specific to their property which creates the perception you are the resident expert and the only agent personally mailing to the homeowners.

6. Facebook, Google Ad Campaigns – Creating strategic ad campaigns specifically for home sellers and directing them to a landing page that allows them to get an evaluation of their property over the internet. Landing pages like Bold Leads or Prime Seller Leads are a great option.

7. Expired Listings – If your market area allows this you have a great resource of clients who already own a home, want to sell, worked with an agent and were willing to pay the commissions! How can you not love them.

8. FSBO – Again, you have a seller who owns a home, wants to sell but doesn’t want to pay. We help them sell for 7-10 weeks in exchange for them to buy with you or if they don’t sell, we hope they list with you!

9. Agent To Agent Referrals – Working the agents from other offices and communities that the buyers are relocating to your area from. Offering a referral fee for any listing or buyer referrals to the network of agents and be their point of contact in your area.

10. B2B – Network with all the business owners and service providers in your community. Find ways to co brand and co market each other’s businesses and services. They in turn feel they need to refer your listings and business for your help and support with what they do!

So, there you have it. Ten powerful ways to generate listing inventory and really make a huge impact on your first quarter of 2024 and make the rest of the year that much easier. Please feel free to share any other listing activities you have found effective in the comments below!

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