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How Some Realtors© are Delivering The Unexpected

Wade Webb
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realtors delivering unexpectedWould you like to know how some Realtors© are delivering the unexpected?

On a scale of 1-10 what is the level of service you offer your clients in your real estate business?

The last few months I have experienced over and over customer service seems to be a thing of the past.

It amazes me how difficult it is to find and experience good service (not even better than expected) in any industry let alone real estate.

As REALTORS® shouldn’t one of our primary goals be to deliver unexpected customer service and move towards creating passionate and devoted clients?

Our business almost needs to have its own culture of long term customer loyalty because they are loyal to our level of service and the “customer experience” more than they are loyal us as a REALTOR®.

It is important not to forget we are being graded by our customer every time we are called upon for our real estate expertise.

I do know this, “loyal” clients will forgive but “devoted” clients will rave about you. Loyal clients will refer you if asked but devoted clients will insist you. Isn’t the ultimate goal in your business to have your customers insist others use your real estate services?

The more I think about it we should be afraid of just meeting our customer’s expectations and strive to deliver the unexpected and exceed their expectations. The good news is very few of our competitors do and it is never too late to start and take over your piece of the real estate market place now!

Engagement – What is special, unique, different about doing business with you over all the others?

Enlistment – Always be begging for feedback. If you are not growing or improving then you are dying. Get your complaint rate up!

Enlightenment – Grow from the little things and be curious and humble with your business and create a learning environment for yourself.

Empowerment – Have a vision. Clear precise action plan. Remember it is all about your unexpected, consistent experience you create for your clients.

Enchantment – Don’t just “WOW” but “AWE” them. Personal touch trumps all. It is always the little things that have the greatest impact.

Entrustment – How do you handle problems when they arise? Blame, denial, excuse OR responsibility and action?

Endearment – Let others see your passion and feel your magnetic attitude for what it is you do. Always be on your “A” game. Celebrate your abundance.

Here are some final thoughts… “The answer is YES. What is the Question?”

Magnetic customer service in the real estate business is a journey and not a destination. Always be thinking of ways to change and create new unexpected moments for your customer and focus on becoming “insisted” and not just “recommended”.

I hope you find this helpful and challenging to you and your business. I trust you will focus on delivering the unexpected in everything you do for others.

Strength and courage,



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