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words influence power realtorsOne of my personal favorite books of all time is Phil M Jones’s book “Exactly What To Say” and he shares some of the most powerful words for agents to know and understand in their sales careers and this week we want to share some of these fantastic insights and phrases with all our readers and a shout out to Phil Jones and his book as well. The forgotten art of spoken communication and the power of choosing the right words at the right time and how to say them will mean you getting chosen between others in the industry. The agents that continue to get the business is purely based on their ability with their word choices. These magic words speak directly to the humans subconscious brain and the part of the brain that makes yes or no decisions and avoids the maybes.


1. I’m not sure this is for you, but ......

The customer hears I’m not sure this is for you and gets a sense that there’s no pressure and also increases their intrigue what it is that may not be for them and fires an internal decision needs to be made.

The real magic is in the 3 letter word BUT and should be avoided in all conversations. This magic word negates anything prior to it and is forgotten by the other persons. So when using these set of words be certain to speak in rejection free manner.

I am not sure this is for you but do you happen to know someone that would be?!
I am not sure this is for you but this property could generate a positive monthly cash flow of $450  (share the benefits to them)
I am not sure this is for you but this property will most likely not last long on the market.

Two things will happen... they will lean in and ask for more details or the will say they will give it some thoughts. Rejection to you averted! No negation on words that you spoke by them!


2. Open Minded. How Open Minded Are You.....

If you ask a large number of people if they are open minded I am sure they would say yes. The reason is nobody wants to seem themselves as closed minded.

When introducing a brand new idea to someone open with How Open Minded Are You and then follow up that with the scenario you want them to opt into. Odds increase from 50/50 to more like 90/10

Natural attracts people to the ideas you want them to buy into.

-How open minded would you be
Giving this a chance?

-Increasing your living space and having more room for the family?
Seeing if we could work together?

This set of words makes someone feel obligated to explore the opportunity or uncomfortable rejecting you. It seems like you are giving them a choice but your actually heavily weighting the one option to them. Everybody wants to be open minded.


3. What Do You Know About...

How often do we find ourselves speaking with someone that leads to a debate of someone that knows more than us. To be a person of influence we need to be able to move someone’s position of certainty to one of doubt. Don’t do this by challenging them.... not creating an argument or walk away. Just question their knowledge and allow them to save face.

What do you know about the Sales per square foot in the building?! Share what you know after you question their knowledge. Arguments always end with losers regardless who the loser is. Don’t go there.


4. How would you feel if ….

Motivation - a reason to move or a reason to do. Avoidance of pain or loss or to the move to pleasure or gain. People will work far harder to avoid pain or loss

People base decisions on emotion and logic. Decisions are made on emotion first therefore make their decision feel right first so it makes sense to them and then they will take action.

If the reason is big enough then you can get anyone to do anything. Create a truth for them worth changing for.

How would you feel if.... helping them travelling into the future and get them excited. Greater the contrast the greater the response.

How would you feel if....

you had that $2,200 suite income helping with paying down your personal debt?

You were able you have the space to care for your struggling mother in your home?


5. Just Imagine…

Every decision that a human makes is made at least twice. First in your mind hypothetically then second in reality.

If you can’t see yourself doing something then it doesn’t get done. Being able to place pictures in peoples minds will all then to see them doing something first and then act on it. TELL STORIES!

When you hear the words Just Imagine..... sets the stage for them to picture and drive them to act

Just imagine how things will be in six months time when you are moved in here. The smiles on your mothers face.


6. When Would Be A Good Time?

Overcome the biggest challenge someone telling us they just don’t have the time......

These set of words also preps someone the preface that their will be a good time for them in the future now. That no is not an option and it is just confirming that point in time.

When would be a good time to take proper look at this?
When would be a good time to get this started?
When would be a good time to speak next?


7. I Am Guessing That You Haven’t Got Around To?

Perfect set of words for following up with people. When following up allow the other person to save face and prevent them from using any excuses they might have which these words already elude to and take it away from them. Prefacing the question

I am guessing you haven’t got around to speaking with your partner about listing your home?
I am guessing you haven’t got around to looking at the documents yet?
I am guessing your haven’t made a decision on this yet? Opens you up to the negotiation again.

By pushing them to the negative scenario your get them to rush to the positive scenario quickly or tell you how they are going to fix the thing they said they haven’t got around to yet.


8. Simple Swaps (swap what you say and how you say it)

Simple psychological technique turning an open question into a closed question. Swap the outcome out of your control to into your control.

Do you have any questions? versus

What questions do you have for me?

The biggest mistake where we suggest that they should have questions for us and making them feel stupid they don’t so to save face they ask for more time to think about it and move you away from the decision.

Easy for them to respond I don’t have any questions and avoid the dreaded response I need to think about it.

When we want to get a little more information from someone.

Can I have your phone number?

Stop using “can I have your?” Feels like an invasion of privacy and creates an awkward permission base response. Versus

“what’s the best number I can reach you at?” “What’s the best address I can send this to?”

Makes a huge difference.


9. The Way I See It you Have Three Options...

When someone wants to feel like they have the final decision and not be manipulated. Make it easy for them to pick and keep them empowered.

You are not sure what to do.... as I see it you have three options.


of those three options what’s going to be easier for you?!

The only option is the easy one which is the one that you wanted them to choose.


10. Two Types Of People

Be decision catalysts and professional mind maker upper. The final moment to decide and take action is the hardest task. Help people to choose by removing options and making the decision easy. Make statement that gives them a choice. There are two types of people in this world..... Instantly wonder which one they’re are...... options are stacked in favor of what you want them to choose. Those who learn and do nothing and those that learn change and take action.

I trust you found these magic words as helpful and insightful as I did. Check out his book and learn the 14 more magical words he shares and then really take the time to internalize these words and see the impact on your business. Let me know which one’s you like the best. Would love to hear from you all!


Strength and courage,



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