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Q1 Review & Assess Time For Real Estate Agents

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Q1 review assess real estate agentI cannot believe it myself the first quarter of 2022 has come to an end. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Now is the time as a real estate agent to review your Q1.

Are you behind your goals? Ahead of your goals? Just right where you targeted for your start to the year? We are now entering into one of the typically best quarters of the year; Q2. My question to you is… is it time to change things up? This week we look at some critical steps to take today if you are not on track:

1. Take Some Time To Look At Your Status

What is your current situation? What are your biggest challenges or issues you are facing? What were your goals and why you wanted to accomplish those goals?

2. Measure Your Quarter

What were your numbers for the first quarter? How many calls? How many appointments? How many presentations? How many Listings? How many buyer agreements? Don’t measure your quarter success solely on results but even more important is measure your quarter on activities. You have to be faithful with your activities to receive the success you deserve.

3. Growth Checklist

Based on the first quarter and what the numbers are saying what do you need to do different? What do you need to do more of? More leads, appointments, follow up, conversion, presentations and contracts this quarter? What changes need to happen to achieve your goals and breakthrough this next quarter in Real Estate.

4. Working On Your Business

How does your operation, systems and automation look right now? Do you have systems and checklists for everything in place? Are you leveraging with someone or something else that is generating you business while you are busy being busy or getting some sleep? Time to schedule that hour of power a day and work on your business and not always in it.

5. Time For Help?

Is it time to delegate the low dollar productive activities and free up time for you to focus on the high dollar productive activities? Remember someone or something else doing the low dollar productive activities as better than you doing them, right?

6. Sales and Marketing

Is what your spending and doing generating a return on your time and investment? How are you positioned in your marketplace? Is your unique value proposition to the customers being communicated in all your materials? Growing your business is no small task and there are many different moving parts.

7. Income and Expenses

How much are you spending? How much should you spend to meet your goals? Are you profitable? Do you take time and measure your expenses and the R.O.I.? Remember we are in this to make a profit and not all about the gross income being less than the expenses.

8. Technology

Is technology ruling you or are you ruling the technology? How much technology is enough? Am I relying solely on technology and not enough on old fashion full contact with people belly to belly? We all need to embrace technology because it isn’t something that will just go away. In the same breath we need to not just rely on technology because sales always has and always will be a full contact sport.

So there you have it 8 solid points to help you turn your year around and really make Q2 the best quarter of your year. Take the time to look at your first quarter numbers and your goals and refuel your “why” for crushing it in the second quarter of this year. I dare you!

Strength and courage,



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