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What Do The Top Real Estate Agents Do? ( Part 2 Of 2 )

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what do the top real estate agents doWant to know the painfully simple, relatively obvious yet almost universally ignored “secret” to what the top real estate agents do versus the average or struggling Realtor exists? Ready for it??? Choice! Yup… that’s it!

The rich agent woke up one morning (before he was rich) sick and tired of mediocrity and decided to think, be and live bigger than they have been up to that point. The top agents have the same 24 hrs, 7 days, 52 weeks but the difference is what they do with them that create the gap.

What the Rich Real Estate Agent Does and You Should Start Doing

1) Organize the Chaos – Top agents are incredibly organized and systemized or if they are not, like me thank you very much, they hire and delegate the organization and systemization of their business and embrace it! I can personally tell you that someone or something else organizing and systemizing for all of you that struggle in this area is so incredibly freeing.

2) Faith or Fear – Top agents operate from a faith and not fear mindset. They just “know that they know” that they will succeed and constantly move away from anything anyone that holds them back. They have belief in the unknown and run their business by faith vs. fear like most agents.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being poor and 5 being great, ask yourself what your faith in yourself and your ability is. Are you a 1 or a 5? Do you believe that you can do and be more in real estate?

3) Take a Risk – The Rich agent is a risk taker and true entrepreneur. They move on and continue to evolve and create more and more momentum in their business. Whatever the top agent thinks will leap them to the next level and become bigger than they execute on and fail more. They embrace failure at everything they act on with a mindset of not failing but like Edison “9,999 times I discovered what didn’t work.” Execute more and fail quick!

4) Make a Plan – Top agents always have a plan, a clear distinct path of their journey in real estate. They know where they have been, where they are now, where they want to go next and how to get there, step by step.

Are you a fanatical planner? Create a strategic plan and be fanatical about your numbers. Track and measure everything. Success at a high level is simply just math. Do you know the markets numbers? Do you know your numbers?

5) What’s on Your Mind – The rich agent has a better psychology and always operate on a higher-level mindset. Your personal psychology is what you say to yourself and how you move your body which in turn impacts your attitude and effects your actions and behaviors which ultimately lead to your results and success in your real estate business.

What do you say to yourself all the time? What do you think about most? Do you make good decisions? Are you thinking about how you are going to make a dent in the universe? Control your space and environment with training, reading, listening and choosing intently who you hang around. So many top agents spend time prior to their day with gratitude exercises, affirmations, reflecting on things that made them happy the day before, reviewing their goals and taking time to visualize their future focus. Do you have that daily routine in your business?

6) Make a Bigger Net – Top agents constantly focus on growth and cast a larger net. Growth is plain and simply lead generation and having multiple sources bringing in a steady stream of buyer and seller leads for your business leads to growth. So how many streams of lead generation do you say we need Wade? Here are the numbers to measure your business by. 1-3 ways of lead generation will leave an agent struggling. 4 – 6 ways of lead generation will put you in a good agent category. The rich agent and top producers have more than 10 ways of lead generation feeding their business. Remember the money is not in the leads, the money is in the conversion to appointments!

Here are the top sources for lead generation:



Open house

Direct Mail




Zillow, Realtor, Trulia





Google Pay Per Click

7) Leverage Everything – Top producing agents use leverage with everything in their business. They 3D test everything.

Do I Do it?

Do I delegate it?

Do I just dump it?

Track and measure, track and adjust and reset your goals quarter by quarter. Remember someone or something else doing it 85% as good as you would do it is leverage. You only have so much time and have to figure out how to do more in less time. A top agent plain and simply does less and does it with excellence because they have surrounded themselves with people and systems that pick up in all the areas that they are not gifted and in their sweet spot in business. So now you know the common gaps between the rich and top producing Realtors and all the secrets behind their success and what it is they do more of than the rest of us. My hope and prayer for you and your business is now to choose to be more and choose play at another level in your life and stop thinking so small. You have the map and the plan now the decision and choice is yours.

Strength and courage,


“I am committed to serve, impact and improve the lives of real estate agents and leaders creating a stress free lifestyle while having as much fun as possible along the way.” ~ Wade Webb ~