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Why Do Real Estate Agents Fear Calling Their Past Clients?

Wade Webb
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real estate agent fear calling past clientsMy question this week is "why do real estate agents fear calling their past clients"?

So many agents ask me the question “Wade, what can be done that will generate leads and keep the marketplace aware of me and my business?” My answer every time. “Call your past clients!” It's that simple. "Okay, Wade easy for you to say. What exactly does that look like?"

Past Client Call Script

(PC): "Hello."

Agent: "Hi, this is Wade Webb from ABC Realty. I'm calling because you are one of my best past clients and I was just checking to see how things are going for you. Do you have 10 minutes or so for a chat?"

It's important to speak in a caring tone and not speak too quickly. Remember to look in a mirror as you do these calls, as it can help you stay engaged. The feeling you want to create in the past clients is that your day is better because you're talking to them.

PC: "Yes, I do, as I'm not going anywhere soon! What a nice thing for you to do Wade!"

Agent: "Thank you! I care about you and the other wonderful clients I've been fortunate to have. And I want you all to know that. How has life been the last few years?"

Contact from any other human being is a welcome distraction. Give your attention to someone and they will like you more.

PC: "Your call came at the right time, as I was sitting here wondering what to do next with my home. By the way, how is your family and business doing? I'll never forget how pleasant it was to work with you."

Agent: "How nice of you to ask! We, too, as we return to normalcy I am working to keep clients current and updated. By the way, I am curious about what my good clients like you tell their friends about the experience of buying or selling with myself. Would you mind telling me what you thought?"

Your goal here is to get the client to bring their memories of working with you closer to top-of-mind. Nothing else. You are not selling anything. You simply want them to be more likely to tell their friends how smart they feel having had you as their agent.

PC: "I'll never forget how kind you were, in particular, you always made our day brighter."

Agent: "What a wonderful thing for you to say! What exactly did I do that made such a good impression?"

PC: "You were kind to all the service providers we used. You never raised your voice, even when a problem arose. Our dog, Scotty, soon began anticipating your arrival! It was like you were more appealing than my spouse and me! And we had been so afraid of having to sell and buy in this difficult market."

The key here is to probe, to find out what made your past client feel so good about your service. Express appreciation for the kind words offered by the past client and then ask a clarifying question or two.

Likely, if the call has gone well, your past client will not be soon to leave it. So how do you do a gentle close?

Agent: “Thank you so much for taking my call and our chat. Is there anything in particular you want to let me know before our call is over?"

PC: "Thank you so much for reaching out to me! I think of all you often. I remain so grateful for all you did for us. And I never think of reaching out to let you know. That will change now! And I'm going to tell my friends about your call!"

Agent: "That makes me feel so good! Please do stay in touch. Would you mind if I reached out to you in a couple of months, hopefully after things have started to really settle down?"

PC: "I would like that very much! Talk with you then."

Now your past client has a nice experience, something to share with her spouse and her friends as the days go by slowly and you have a reason to stay in touch. Make notes of your call and reference the notes when you call her back. People love it when someone remembers what they said. There you go! That is what it often looks like when you start calling past clients. Not everyone will want to talk with you. That's okay. The point is to reach out and given them the opportunity to relive their experience with you. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

Strength and courage,


“I am committed to serve, impact and improve the lives of real estate agents and leaders creating a stress free lifestyle while having as much fun as possible along the way.” ~ Wade Webb ~