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What is Your Definition of Customer Service As a Realtor? This is Mine...

Couple recieving keys to new home1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month

One of my mentors always said to me...

"The sale really begins the day the client moves in."

I thought to myself, what does he mean the sale really begins the day the client
moves in?

Most of our real estate clients have an expectation of customer service before and
during the property transaction.

Are we in this business to "meet" a customers expectations or are we
in it to exceed their expectations?

When someone asks one of your clients "what it was it like to do business with _________"
what do thy say?

Do they recommend you or do they "insist on" you?

Their really is a difference you know.

Would you want someone to say "you know what they did a good job" or would you
rather "you know what there is nobody better in the business and you have to use them,
you won't be disappointed.

One of the best strategies I learned to implement was the 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month

For every one of my home closings I would set an email or phone reminder to call my
client one day, one week and one month after their closing.

"Hi it's Wade Webb calling... I just wanted to check in, I know its only been _ days,
but I wanted to make sure things are going well and that you're loving your new home?"

Most of the time I would never get anything other than a "thank-you for calling" or "we
love the house" following the one day or one week call.

After the one month call it was a completely different response...

"WOW, thanks for calling, we thought we would never hear from you again."

or most importantly I would get...

"You know what the gas fireplace isn't lighting or the garage door opener is broken or
the dishwasher leaks."

I would say to my client right away,  "I will have someone call you to come over and fix
that for you and don't worry I will take care of the bill".

This simple but powerful strategy of calling one day, one week, one month after the
client moving in may have cost me some money but it made me a fortune.

More importantly it converted my clients to raving fans of me and my business.

Schedule a 1 day... 1 week... 1 month series of calls after your next house sale and
then come back and share your results... I'd love to hear them!

Strength and courage,



PS Share some of your own customer service strategies with us in the comments below and
share this post with someone who needs it (no names please lol)



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