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2016 REALTOR Success Formula

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2016 REALTOR success formulaThis is the season for all of us to take time to reflect where we have been, where we are at and where we are going with our real estate businesses. Success means different things for all of us and it is something we attract in our lives. Proper planning is key for our success as it does not just happen to us on its own. I was recently attending a session by Alicia Matheson an ex Disney institute expert and couldn't help but share with you some of her great ideas. So what is the formula for success in real estate? Let's look at this formula and then break down each piece to the success formula and how you can apply it not just to your professional life but to your personal life as well.

Success Formula for Your Real Estate Business in 2016

Right Attitude + Right Purpose + Right Plan = Real Estate Success.

What do we mean by the right attitude?

We know that having the right attitude without the purpose and plan does not alone bring us the success. I can have a super positive person with the most amazing attitude but if that person is an idiot then all we have is just a motivated idiot and not a successful agent, right? The essence of the right attitude is what is below the surface? What is at your core? What is your self talk like? What is the little voice inside saying to you all the time? Is it saying "I am enough... I am loved... I am more than ok because God doesn't make junk?" Here are some great strategies for creating that right attitude. Having a morning ritual of proper breathing, gratitude, affirmations, prayer, meditation and 15 minutes of good reading content. Try creating your own ritual and choosing the right daily attitude for you.

What do we mean by having the right purpose?

Our values = our purpose. It is the reason why we do what we do. How it makes us feel. What is your legacy? What do you want them to say when your movie has ended and the credits are rolling? I get the greatest joy from impacting and improving others lives personally and professionally every day. Real estate is just the vehicle that allows me to do this. What gives you your greatest joy and how does your real estate business allow you to do express those things?

What do we mean by having the right plan?

Without implementation and execution do we really accomplish anything? What is your 2016 plan of action? What are you going to do different in the coming year? What will you stop? What will you start? What will you continue and then some? Create a 2016 Action Plan Using These Questions:

  • What one ritual will I implement in 2016?
  • What new knowledge will I acquire?
  • How will I grow my business?
  • What will I focus on?
  • What is my mission? Purpose?
  • How will I measure and celebrate my success?
  • How will I help others achieve their goals?

I trust this formula will help with your plan for 2016 and help you finish your year strong and begin your next year with passion and direction.

Strength and courage,

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