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A Lost Art In Real Estate Sales – The Hand Written Note

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REALTORS! Discover the Impact of Personal Hand Written Notes.

realtor hand written notesIn my real estate business I was reminded so many times the last week or two about the powerful impact a personal hand written note has on people.

My mentor Harvey Mackay says "Short handwritten notes yield long results"... Why has something that was effectively done consistently by generations before us become a forgotten art?

Personal gestures are meaningful and memorable and right at the top of personal gestures sit hand written notes.

Always send a card or note when you are reminded of a person. So many sales professionals including myself think right away well that sounds nice, but I am too busy.

"Why write a personal hand written note when I can send hundreds of emails and texts each day or better yet just tweet something on twitter or type up a Facebook post...

Personal handwritten notes are something my parents, grandparents and generations before would do. You want me to take the time to start writing personal hand written notes?"

You bet I do!

Highest Return and Least Expensive Real Estate Marketing Strategy

For years I've been asked what are some of the most inexpensive and highest ROI marketing strategies in real estate sales and I always place at the top of the list the personal hand written note.

A personal note deepens a relationship with a client every time.

They are always read.

Just try not opening one or try just tossing one into the garbage without reading it.

They gift someone your time, your most precious commodity.

Because they take time, they show people you care and leave a lingering impact or what I like to call "a sweet after taste" with your clients.

So many times I have had people call me and say something like "Wade I got your note today. Wow, you don't have any idea how incredible your timing was with your note, I really needed that, thank you."

Knowing I had that kind of impact on someone's day never gets old!

This is one activity technology cannot replace because of the gesture, courtesy and professionalism a personal note has. In business we begin with an idea but we thrive in business from great relationships.

Here is a list of activities/events that can inspire you to write and send a personal hand written note. Build the habit by doing it daily and watch what it does for others but more important what it does for you, your personal and professional life.

Realtor Hand Written Note Triggers

  • Phone call
  • Meeting someone
  • Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • After receiving a gift
  • After receiving a referral
  • After receiving good service
  • Just because
  • Thinking of you
  • Prior to appointment
  • After an appointment
  • Get well
  • Sympathy
  • Event
  • Celebrations
  • Service providers (lender, inspector, etc.)
  • During a listing
  • During a buying experience
  • Subject removal
  • Opening escrow
  • Sale completion
  • Escrow
  • The other agent

Here are a few note dialogs to really get you started.

[feature_box style="31" title="New Client To Your Database" alignment="center"]

"Dear Client, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you today. I am excited to have you part of my client community and looking forward to many years of serving you. All the best, Agent."


[feature_box style="31" title="Referral" alignment="center"]

"Dear Client, Thank you very much for the referral to John and Kathy. You can be certain I will give them excellent service. Your trust in me is greatly appreciated. All the best, Agent."


[feature_box style="31" title="Great Service" alignment="center"]

"Dear Waitress, thanks for the amazing service and smile today. You made my day and must really love what you do. All the best, Agent."


[feature_box style="31" title="After Phone Call" alignment="center"]

"Dear Client, it was great talking with you today. I am glad you found great value in the information that I provided. Please call if you have ay more questions or concerns. All the Best, Agent."


Well there you have it. Something so special as your own handwriting is almost as unique as your own DNA.

It takes a little more effort to write a note rather than an email, text or tweet BUT...

Your clients never get notes like they get an email, text or social message.

Statistics say only about 3% of postal mail is ever personal and the rest is junk, business or bills.

The combination of your valuable time, effort, stamp and your thoughtful message all carry an incredible VALUE that is truly lost with technology.

I encourage you all this week to embrace the classic personal note and see what it will do for others and for you and your business.

Strength and Courage,


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