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The Secrets to Getting More Offers Accepted in Todays Market

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Present Offers More Effectively... Have More Offers Accepted... Sell More Real Estate.

present real estate offersThe average seller in our area is paying approximately $13,500.00 to sell their home with a real estate professional. Is faxing, emailing and texting all your buyers and sellers can expect from you as a real estate agent when presenting and negotiating an offer? Are they getting their $13,500.00 value for this service?

What happened to the days when agents for the buyers and sellers without breaching agency would have discussions with one another face to face or voice to voice prior to presenting and negotiating an offer?

Discussions about things like your clients personality type. Are you dealing with Drivers, Analytical, Expressive or Amiable clients. Or where you share the comparable you are using to establish price for your sellers and buyers in case one of you missed something.

Keep in mind, market value is what a willing buyer will pay and willing seller will let their home go for in that moment. What about reminding each other you are not the enemy but just the messenger and remember it is not your house, not your money and really not your decision?

What is the goal for presenting and negotiating real estate offers?

Is it to go through the motions or is it to bring a seller and buyer together?

7 Tips on Presenting Offers and Gettings More Sales Accepted

  • Foster a spirit of cooperation. Use the word "we" and not "my". Remind everyone of the goal.
  • Get face to face. Before, during and after. Set the stage early for success. Share without breaching agency.
  • Pick a neutral location. The office! Bring buyers and sellers to the office and have each one in a closing room.
    Send everyone a message that this is happening. The office removes the emotional connection of the seller with their home.
  • Pay the seller a compliment. Pay the other agent a compliment by letting the seller know they are in good hands with the agent they have chosen. Remind everyone the definition of market value.
  • Take control of the presentation. Let everyone know what is going to happen before it happens.
  • Safe Island everyone. “Mr. and Mrs. Seller I want to thank you for allowing me to show your home and present an offer today. I am going to tell you a little about my buyer first, why they chose your home and other choices we have and then go through the offer starting with the price as recommended by your agent because price is the most important item for you. Then I will go through all the terms and conditions of the offer. This is just a formality of course. You will then have a chance to ask me any questions about the offer and I will then excuse myself and allow you and your agent to discuss in private. I will be in the room next door with my buyers. You will then make a choice to accept the offer and not have to show your home any longer. You may counter or reject our offer and hopefully we can continue the process and find a common place for you and my buyers today. Does this make sense?”
  • Present your offer.


Do’s and Dont's:

Do's and Dont's of Presenting Offers

  • CMA – It is not a good idea to send a message to the seller they are greedy and the listing agent they don’t know how to price properly by going through a full market evaluation. Leave the comparables you have behind for them to chat about after you have presented.
  • Present your counter offer to the buyer just like the buyer agent had a chance to present to your seller. Let another voice speak to the client.
  • Provide information to the other parties that helped determine your starting points and your counter offers.
  • Don’t show your emotions. Remain Charge Neutral. It is not your house, not your money and not your decision.
  • Educate, power of third party. Having the other agent speak to your client and let them hear it another way.
  • It’s all in the delivery...
  • Remind everyone of their job. We need a house, need a buyer and a seller. Today we have all 3! You can accept (benefits) You can counter (consequence) You can reject (fear of loss).


I hope these presenting offer strategies are helpful and encourage you to get back to the fundamentals of sales. This is a full contact sport... Not something a fax machine, smart phone or computer should be doing.

Strength and courage,


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