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AgentsBoost real estate coachingIn 1992 I noticed an ad in the newspaper that read "Students Earn $10,000 in a Summer" and I thought to myself "this is for me!"

So I blew the dust off my only sport coat in my closet and headed downtown for the big interview and the dream to make ten grand this summer.

So I interviewed and got the job but little did I know they pretty much hired everyone and anyone that applied.

I then was in a boot camp for five straight days memorizing a 2 and a half hour long sales script to sell families educational materials.

The boot camp week had ended, the sales presentation was memorized and we were put in groups of 5 and jumped into one vehicle and headed on the road to all the small farm towns in the middle of Canada for three whole months.

On a mission from God against illiteracy and to provide a set of encyclopedia’s to every man, women and child for the amazing price of $1,999.99, we would drive around neighborhoods and get a feel and say drop me off here at 3pm and could not return to our pick up spot until 10 pm.

So I would knock on 250 to 350 doors a night on my quest to help families that believed in their children’s education.

Little did I know at the time I was on this mission that this thing called "the internet" would be coming very, very soon.

So for three straight months, motel to motel and town to town I proceeded to sell set after set and make top salesman for the summer and was one of only 2 salesman that did not quit and buy my bus ticket home before the summer was over.

In fact I loved the sales part of the summer so much that I remember calling my father one night from a pay phone in a farm town and saying to my dad that I have found what I love and want to get my real estate license and forget about completing my final year in music and education and not become a high school band teacher. Dead silence on the other end of the phone as my dad being in sales all his life could not believe I was wanting to come over to the “dark side" and become a salesmen.

I proceeded to get my real estate license and partner with my father for the first 8 years of my 14 year sales career and we had the time of our lives. It was the one thing in all the years that my father and I really had a connection in and did effortlessly together and would never regret our amazing time together in real estate.

The Birth of AgentsBoost

So that was how I ended up in real estate and now the story that led me to and coaching real estate agents and broker owner managers.

All my life I have had the passion and desire to help, teach, coach and mentor people like most of us I believe do. I loved real estate and I am good at real estate and love to impact and improve agents, companies and managers personally and professionally every day.

I discovered a mentor and friend Jon Cheplak online and called him one day for some coaching on recruitment and retention. From just one mastermind session with Jon the idea of AgentsBoost had evolved. I began to share all the latest, greatest knowledge I had been given and learned for more than two decades and share it for free to real estate agents, managers and brokers on AgentsBoost!

My hope was to use the content for a recruiting and retention tool with the local agents in my hometown in hopes they saw value in all this great, free content and they would be attracted to our brokerage. My goal also included that our own agents would become closer and more connected to our brokerage with this added value on AgentsBoost.

The website audience initially was only the 200 agents in my own brokerage and about 300 other key agents in the local market that I thought would be amazing additions to our brokerage as well.

Then AgentsBoost began to take on a life of its own and began to go viral and the followers and audience just got bigger and bigger.

We launched in 2013 with 17,729 views and 11,196 unique visitors. Then in 2014 we had 76,573 views and 47,625 unique visitors and this past January 2015 was already had our biggest month ever with 10,100 views and 6093 unique visitors.

I am humbled and honored to see the people enjoying the content and the viral impact we have been able to have. Thank you to all our visitors as without your support we could have never accomplished this. AgentsBoost is truly a team effort we have all contributed to.

Last year we had the privilege of publishing my first book The Lazy Realtor which is available on Amazon and currently #2 for Real Estate Coaching and in the top 50 books for real estate on Amazon.

My coaching business has grown quicker than I ever imagined with agents, teams and broker/owner managers wanting to take their personal and professional lives to another level and allowing me to share what it means to have work life balance and create a recession proof relational business vs the one off transactional business like so many agents continue to have.

I am so grateful for the business we have built and so excited for what we have in store for AgentsBoost in 2015 and planning to launch a second book sometime this year and take our coaching, speaking and training business to the next level.

With gratitude,


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My book, The Lazy Realtor, is available in Paperback or Kindle format, on Amazon. You can preview it here and I’ll even include these bonus items:

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