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Hey there, my good friend Tyler Zey just interviewed me for his blog and I thought I'd share the video with my AgentsBoost gang as well.

See below...

Fun fact: Did you know you can touch a lead 13 times a month without being considered a “stalker” or creeping them out?

Just finished an interview with the coolest guy: Meet Wade Webb (Author of Lazy Realtor)

Wade is a million dollar agent coach and consultant... and he lives up to it!

Can you guess how many times a month the average agent touches people in their sphere?

Believe it or not... it's not even ONCE per month.

Guess how many times the average agent touches people in their sphere each YEAR?

A “depressing” 2 times… 🙁

I put the pressure on Wade to share the BIGGEST differences between top agents and wannabe top agents - and it’s pretty surprising how small the differences actually are.


Million dollar agents build systems that pay dividends, and $30k agents tend to focus on distractions that lead to short term payoffs…. Hmmm, now we’re getting somewhere!


Best part? You don’t even have to take notes!

I turned Wade’s interview into a quick guide and video post...

Check out the full interview here! -->




Strength and Courage,


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