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Outside The Box Ideas For Getting Real Estate Buyers Offers Accepted

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getting real estate buyers offers acceptedAlmost everyone is experiencing hyper real estate buyer, low inventory market conditions and are struggling to get their offers accepted for their buyers. Am I right?. You continue to write offers and don’t get them accepted or even counter offered and your buyers are getting so frustrated and you the agent is getting so frustrated too. So this week we want to share with you a few different strategies that you may or may not of thought of to help get your offer accepted over the competing agents offering against you and help you compete a little better in the market place. So here we go…..

  1. Humor – I love and believe so much in this statement “If you can make them laugh then you can make them buy.” So why not use some humor in your offer strategy to engage, capture the listing agent and their sellers to want to choose you and your clients to own their home. Make a comment about your offer being the first offer and your second offer being you buying them all hot wings and beer on you at Wings after they accept your bid as the winning bid and say “just kidding.” Show your personality during the process and stand our and pull them in by using something funny. Even try posting something funny in the subject line like “Wade’s favorite, special, double deluxe offer on 1234 Maple Street.” And make sure that it is at least a good offer and stand out from the rest with a funny email subject line. Remember visibility can trump ability every time!
  2. Don’t Just Offer The Higher Price – Don’t just offer the highest price and only rely on your price to win the bid but add something else. Add things like covering their legal costs, their moving costs up to $1,500. Communicate some creative incentives for the sellers in your bids to help you stand out from the rest of the bids in the cue. Dare to be different!!
  3. Detailed Summary Page or Video Included – Think about how many offers and how many pages of information that the sellers and listings agents have to review? Take the time to write out a simple, detailed point by point summary of your offer details saving them both time and energy to help you stand out form the rest of the bids as well. Most agents don’t have a separate written summary or summary video accompany their offer to save the seller and listing agent time and stress. You hope they really appreciate the fact you did this and give you a chance to be that winning bid today. Service above and beyond the rest of the bidders indeed!
  4. Buyer Pay My Selling Commissions – Why does every offer has to be the seller paying both agents the commissions? What about being creative and present a bid that is not payable of the buyer agent fees as I am collecting my fee from my seller to allow you to net more to you the seller. We have drawn up the buyer agreement separate from our offer to pay me the buyer agent and hope this will put us in a better position for our offer to be accepted today. A simple and creative way for our bid to stand out from the other normal bids that agents present.
  5. Don’t Underestimate Relationships – Nothing more powerful than having the right relationships in your market place. Don’t be that agent! You know who they are in your area. Be known as the agent that everyone wants to do a deal with rather than the agent in the area that every agent can’t stand doing business with you because of your ego, reputation and how you treat fellow agents like crap. Many sellers will look at their agent for direction for what agent and what bid and buyer do they like, trust and think will be best to do the sale with? Don’t forget that what goes around always comes around and we take care of our own in this industry. Relationships and reputation always trump all and agents never forget!

There you have just a few creative, outside the box strategies for presenting offers in this current market. Feel free to email me or comment and share some of the best little nuggets you have found give you an edge in the marketplace and helped you win for your buyer the accepted offer. Would love to hear from you!


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