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Selling Real Estate During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wade Webb
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selling real estate covid-19 pandemicFor today’s blog, I’m boiling down the advice to three crucial points. These are certainly different times. But we’ve faced adversity before and emerged through it. I’m confident we’ll do the same again after this passes. I want you to know we’re here for you… email me if you have specific questions at … and together, we’re going to beat this and get back to work in a big way. Here are those three points I want you to think about…

No. 1: Are You a Lion or a Lamb? - Think of a lion or a lioness for a second. What do they do when something happens? Do they freak out? No. They remain calm. They survey the situation. They protect their own. They exhibit strength and act like a LEADER! Now contrast that with a lamb… Lambs follow the herd. They flee at the mere sound of a twig breaking. They panic and run in fear. In this crisis, are you going to be a lion/lioness or a lamb? You need to decide. I strongly believe the actions we take over the next 60-90 days will define our brands. So stand tall. Be strong. Be the voice of reason. Be a pillar of your community. “Fear leads to anxiety, and anxiety is a deal killer.”

No. 2: Now More Than Ever, Be Adaptable - Rigidness or reluctance to change will get you NOWHERE right now. Hear me? Do not try to fight this. You need to adapt, and you need to adapt quickly. People on my team are working from home with their laptops on TV trays and dining room tables because our county has ordered no gatherings of any kind. My team accepted it and adapted on a moment’s notice without questioning it or fighting it. This is our new reality until we beat this virus. So when it comes to your business…

…Get creative!

…Use video more than ever!

…Use Zoom or Google Hangouts to connect with your clients and your community at large.

I’ve already heard stories of people who are turning on their cameras and organizing remote yoga sessions. Why couldn’t you do the same thing, but educating people about specific aspects of buying or selling real estate? Be that voice of reason your community needs with a message to consumers of “We’re going to get through this, and when we do, I want you better prepared to make wise real estate investments.”

No. 3: Be Smart - This one’s simple, but it needs to be said anyway. Be smart. Follow the health guidelines. Obey your local orders and ordinances. Wash your hands. Practice social distancing. Don’t point fingers. Keep in mind what’s best for the common good… and we’ll all be better for it. Change is swift and painful, but now is the time to adapt and build a strong community with your tribe. As the lionesses and lions that you all are, how will you react to this growth test?

Strength and Courage,




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