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Top 10 Behaviors Of Top Producing Agents

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top 10 real estate agent behaviorsIt is so important to understand the behaviors of top producers and what it is they are doing to propel their business to the next levels. Success is easy to achieve in real estate if you understand sales and the art of customer service. Why is it that so many agents don’t take the time to invest in the proper real estate behaviors?

Top 10 Real Estate Behaviors of a Top Producer

1) Daily Focus On Lead Generation & ProspectingTop producers are constantly communicating with people and they are looking for someone who is wanting to buy or sell. They understand the importance of filling their appointment funnel. This activity is blocked in their schedule every day to ensure that their business doesn’t experience the highs or lows of most real estate agents and their business. It is like a professional golfer they are at the range every day and hitting their share of golf balls to ensure their success.

2) Prospect & Lead Generate In The Early Part Of The Day We have all heard the term “the early bird gets the worm” or “eat the frog first” which means do the most important activity in real estate being prospecting early in the day because the longer we wait the higher the chance it doesn’t get done. We have all the distractions come at us as the day goes on and the chance of getting the prospecting done diminishes quickly. We have less distractions in the earlier part of all of our days in the office when almost no one is around and the phones have not started ringing.

3) Tough On Pricing Their Listings The top producer knows what to say and knows how to present the pricing with a seller and has the skill to take control and explain to the seller the importance of proper pricing. We have all heard the term “less is more” and with pricing the tougher we are on the price the more the seller will make if we are strategically able to create multiple offers from pricing their homes sharply. Don’t let the seller win the pricing debate and have the visuals and words to say when facing the pricing war with sellers.

4) Focus On The Appointment The mindset of a top producer when they are prospecting is not ever on the leads and the amount of leads they can generate but their focus on the number of bona fide and qualified buyer and seller appointments they make. It is about the quality and not their lead quantity and will the buyer or seller appointment be with someone who is having to buy or sell in the nest 7 or 10 days. Get the appointments and not the leads because the appointments lead to sales presentations and getting them to sign the contract.

5) Track & Measure Knowing their numbers for everything they do in real estate is critical to their success. They know what they do well and what they do not do well. They know the best sources of where their business comes from. Their prospecting numbers, closing ratios and conversion rates of everything. This shows where they are improving and where they need improvement and the gaps and hole in their business from tracking and measuring constantly.

6) Review Their Business PlanThey are always working with a business plan and reviewing their plan and constantly looking for ways to improve and tweak or fine tune the business plan. They are focused on their plan from their constant review of the plan and know what they need to be doing every day to accomplish their goals. Nothing is left to chance and there is never any guessing involved when you are following and reviewing a business plan for your real estate business.

7) Fanatical With Schedules If you do not take control of your time, someone else or something else will. Time to a top producer is like water of oxygen and it is so precious. Time is always blocked for lead generation, prospecting, lead follow up, appointments, sales presentations, preparing and negotiating contracts which are all high dollar productive activities. They are intentional and almost fanatical with every minute of their day and know that dollar productive activities trump all.

8) Scripts, Dialogs & Sales Presentations Top producers are effective communicators and understand better than anyone what to say and how to say it when it comes to any buyer or seller situation they encounter. They practice over and over the right words to say and the right ways to say it and have the confidence in themselves and earn the trust and respect of others quicker because they have put the time in practicing and preparing for every situation they may face in real estate.

9) Standards The minimum standards are set for everything they do in real estate. A minimum standard for number contacts they make. Minimum standard for number of sales and listings. They even have minimum standards for their buyer and seller sales presentations. This standards are set and never compromised they understand the how you do anything is how you do everything.

10) Don’t Get Emotionally Involved Last but not least we see that all top producers are so good at being charge neutral when it comes to any situation in real estate. They remind themselves that at the end of the day it is not their money and it is not their home and it is not their decision and don’t allow themselves to become emotionally involved in the transactions they are working on. Take it from a twenty plus year veteran this is so much easier said than done.

We have taken the time to look at the behaviors and habits of the top producer and I hope you can see what you are doing and what you are needing to do to take your real estate business to the next level.

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