Top 10 “Must Haves” for Your 2014 Client Real Estate Newsletters.

Build Loyal Followers with Consistent Real Estate Newsletters

client real estate newslettersA real estate newsletter and mailed client newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with past clients and real estate leads, remain “top of mind,” and build loyalty.

Here is my list of must have elements that make up a successful newsletter for your clients so you can start sending one to those in your real estate contact management system right away.

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Top 10 Elements for a Client Real Estate Newsletter

[step_graphics style=”2″ color=””][step style=”2″ text=”1″ headline=”Need Electronic and Hard Copy”]

It is now more important than ever to provide an electronic and hard copy format of newsletter. How many of us are getting excellent newsletter content digitally and never having the time to read them? How many of us are getting anything in the mail today other than a bill or a flyer? What a great way to capture someone’s top of mind through the home delivered newsletters.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”2″ headline=”Provide Exceptional Value”]

For a newsletter to be effective it has to provide information of value, it can’t be advertising or self-serving in nature. Put together valuable articles and information people are looking for. Your goal should be to send an informative and helpful newsletter your sphere will look forward to each time they receive it. Some article ideas to include in your newsletter are tips for boosting curb appeal, assessing a property’s long-term potential, and how to remodel a bathroom or kitchen affordably. When you provide information of value, you build trust and credibility, as well as position yourself as an expert in your field. You’ll be surprised how many people will reply to your newsletter with questions, which, of course, can lead to your next referral or listing.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”3″ headline=”Grab Attention”]

In addition to sending valuable information, you need to make sure the newsletter grabs your recipients’ attention and is interesting, not dull or boring. One way to keep it interesting is to include eye-catching images and have a nicely designed, professional-looking layout.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”4″ headline=”Provide Evidence of Your Success”]

I don’t know about you but I would be very hesitant to refer family or friends to a real estate professional that I do not know is any good at what they do. Provide in the newsletter recent listings and sales, not to brag, but let the client know you are having success at what you do. Listings
and sales are the only way your clients can identify you are good at our profession and can be confident in using or referring you.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”5″ headline=”Include Testimonials and Reviews”]

Include third party references or testimonials in your newsletter. Customers are now looking for reviews and ratings for anything they do today. If they look to reviews for food, products and holidays how much more will they want social proof for significant transactions like a real estate sale or purchase? The clients trust is key when determining who they choose to work or refer their real estate business with. Testimonials answer the clients concerns of what it is like to do business with you and what others have experienced when doing business with someone like yourself in real estate.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”6″ headline=”Create Opportunities”]

We are in the business of creating real estate opportunities and not waiting for real estate opportunities. Include in your newsletter what you feel are the “best buys” on the market. Hot deals for first time buyers, move up and move down buyers, investors, new home buyers and the luxury buyer. Display the photo and write up and say “I have no reason to believe you are in the market for real estate but if you know a friend or family member interested in any of these hot buys give me a call with their name and number and I will follow them up and give them excellent service.”

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”7″ headline=”Promote Service Providers… Cover Some Cost”]

Promote your ancillary service providers in your newsletter. Start covering the cost of your monthly newsletter by promoting some of the business owners and service providers that are part of your real estate team with small business card ads in your newsletter. This gives them some exposure to your database and allows you to charge a small nominal fee to cover your costs of postage and production of your monthly newsletter.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”8″ headline=”Always Include a Call to Action”]

Include a call to action. A “call to action” (CTA) is a sentence or image that prompts your clients/real estate leads to take action. That action could be to call you for a free home value consultation, reply to your newsletter to get a market data report, or visit your website to watch your video. A call to action is very important
because it prompts people to interact with you in some way. With CTAs, you can ensure you’re maximizing the leads you get as a result of your newsletter.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”9″ headline=”Be Yourself”]

Use a conversational tone. There’s nothing worse than reading a newsletter that sounds like a college textbook or a New York Times article with long-winded, complex language. Keep the newsletter easy to read and understand, and make sure the tone of it reflects your personality; it should sound like you would sound
speaking face to face with someone. Use a conversational tone and draw your reader in. Remember, you’re a Realtor, not a reporter.

[/step][step style=”2″ text=”10″ headline=”Outsource and Maximize Time”]

Outsource and maximize your time. If you don’t have the time (or the design skills) to create a monthly newsletter, consider getting a real estate contact management system that includes a professionally designed and written newsletter for you every month. You’ll want to make sure the contact management system you choose includes a newsletter that is real estate-specific and takes into consideration all of the elements I’ve outlined. Check out the system’s testimonials to see what its current customers say about the newsletter. You’ll also want to make sure you have the ability to customize parts of it to include things like a personal message and a call to action. In addition to getting a newsletter, a good real estate contact management system will help you stay organized and convert leads through powerful drip marketing, transaction management, and activity-plan functionality.



A real estate newsletter can be a powerful business-building tool.

To maximize your success, you’ll want to ensure you’re following the tips.

Strength and Courage,