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10 Traits Of Top Producing Agents That Require No Talent!

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I came across this fantastic photo on LinkedIn a week or two ago by Jonathan Tallinger and had to make it my theme for this week’s AgentsBoost post. So what are the top traits of a top producing agent that do not require talent and set you apart from your competition you ask? Let’s take a look at these killer traits in no particular order.

10 Traits of Top Producing Real Estate Agents

1) Be On Time – My family actually tells me I am a bit obsessed about this trait. One of my biggest pet peeves is that by being late a person is sending a message that their time is more important than the other parties time. This really is the message we send when we are late and how does that make us feel when someone takes the liberty to waste OUR precious time? I loved the time we were having friends over for dinner and sitting out on our back deck enjoying a nice dinner and my son who was only about 8 or 9 years old at the time is enjoying his meal and he blurts out to our guests “You’re late! My dad hates it when people are late.” We all awkwardly laughed it off but I smiled inside that I am able to teach my children something while I am here.

2) Work Ethic – I have to credit my own Mom for this one. She is the hardest working person I know and seems to never stop from sun up to sun down. You either have it and you are always working hard at everything you do or you don’t have it and you are always living your life just cruising along. Work ethic is a choice for us all and we all know what you put in is what you get out!

3) Effort – One of my favorite sayings is “How you do anything is how you do everything!” It is by our efforts in life and what we do on the outside and how we do things and show people our true character. Are you all in? Are you all in sometimes when it’s good for you? I am always reminding myself that my efforts and how I do anything shows everyone my true character and how I do everything in life. We are all creatures of habit but old habits can be broken and new ones can be created so it's never too late to change!

4) Body Language – 86% of all communication is non-verbal. How we stand, sit, smile, walk and physically move through life sends so many different messages to so many people without us even thinking about it. We have all heard the saying “Are you happy? Then let your face know it!” Tony Robbins was the greatest mentor to me and how we all have the power to change anything by changing your state! Move, Jump, laugh, cheer, smile, yell and dance changes the way we feel about ourselves and the way others will see you as well!

5) Energy – The most important trait of a successful person is not time management but more importantly energy management. I hear people say it all the time "your energy is infectious". How do you keep yourself so energized? Maintaining a peak state attracts others to you and attracts success and good things. Your energy and passion trump all in life and knowing how to intentionally maintain energy and passion is key to your success. Don’t think I don’t hit a wall, burn out or run my tank to empty. I do things to get me back on point and intentionally reload the tank to deliver the energy and passion for others.

6) Attitude – Do you see the glass half empty or do you see the glass half full? We all have the choice and the power to choose our attitude. We can choose to make it a great day or make it a bad day and we all get to decide. Having the awareness to check our attitude and have a healthy  perspective in life is key to success. It is one of the biggest challenges in life is choosing to see the positive and opportunity in everything. It is there and I force myself or surround myself with mentors to remind me and keep me on point to maintain a positive attitude in life and in business.

7) Passion – My wife says "I wish I was a Montreal Canadian or a Real Estate deal" because you love them both more than anything in the world. I choose to live for the experience in life and to enjoy my journey in life. I have been blessed to find a career I can’t get enough of. We all deserve to do what we love and what ignites our inner passion and I encourage everyone to find those things like coaching, speaking, travel, hockey, golf, fishing, family, friends and real estate to ignite the fire within you and give you the passion to live!

8) Being Coachable – I have been a student for my whole life. Full disclosure... maybe not the best student during my high school days, whoops! One of the greatest traits of successful people is their hunger to learn, their humbleness to be coached and constantly growing themselves and seeing their income and success grow as they grow. We all need to be mentored and should be a mentor to others. I have been fortunate to have so many incredible mentors in my life and each of them have contributed to my success and now my passion is to share it all and give it all back!

9) Doing Extra – Are you meeting someone’s expectations? Are you always exceeding someone’s expectations? The trait of always doing more than what is asked of you is a powerful trait in all successful people. I am always trying to deliver the unexpected to others and constantly wow and awe people by delivering so much more than they expected. Don’t be recommended in life but be insisted in life and believe me there is a difference and it comes from doing extra in anything you do!

10) Being Prepared – Finally the last but still incredibly important trait of all successful people is they are prepared. Are you winging it? Are you taking the time to be incredibly prepared? Like being late the trait of being prepared is now different. We send a message to people, their time and what we are doing for them if not prepared is really not important to us. People can tell if we are prepared and can tell if we respect them and their time. Don’t be the person who wings everything and flies from the seat of their pants. Be prepared and be respectful in everything you do in business and life.

So there you have it the 10 powerful characteristics and traits of the most successful agents in our business and what they do to make them so successful. None of these traits or characteristics require any god given talent but simply a decision, desire and ability to live and take action with them all. I challenge each and every one of us to display these traits somewhere prominent like your screen saver on your phone, the bathroom mirror of even the fridge door and remind yourself of what you want to strive for in business and life.

Strength and courage,

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