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How to Lead Generate Using Facebook for Real Estate Agents in 2014

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Learn to Use Social Media as a REALTOR to Develop Client Relationships

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As REALTORS® we have seen so many ideas on how to use Facebook in the real estate business in the past few years and I wonder if any of these ideas actually generate buyer or seller leads and make us any money?

Today I am going to share some ways to generate actual real estate leads and to put some income into your business using Facebook in 2014.

Now this idea may seem really simple but it amazes me how many agents have not done this yet.[vertical_spacing height="10"]

Connect on Facebook with Everyone in Your Real Estate Database

The very first thing you need to do is take your database list and connect with everyone in your database on Facebook. This will obviously take some time but sit down and connect on Facebook with all your contacts in your mobile phone, in your email address book, in your business to business database and obviously your past, current and future real estate clients.

If you don't have a list yet then please still read the post and keep it in mind for when you do.

When coaching clients I always ask if they fish with a hook or if they fish with a net? What do you think will catch more fish?

Connecting with your list on Facebook is the first step to create that net for social media lead generation.

Once you have created the contacts on your Facebook page the next step is to build, nurture and deepen your relationship with them.

Isn’t the first reason for anyone choosing to do business with an agent is the fact they like and trust that person?

Here are just a few great ways to begin to be liked and trusted on Facebook without pushing real estate down your databases throat all day.

Facebook is a "social" tool so we need to have a social strategy and social mindset when using it.

Follow the 5-5-5 System With Your Real Estate List

Start each week sitting down and following the 5-5-5 approach. The 5-5-5 approach is a simple consistent Facebook system where you write on 5 of your friends walls per day (or each week if you are really busy) with information that is of value to them.

This information would be beneficial or personal to them and their interests.

For example you may know what their favorite sporting team is and you find a great article about their team and write on their wall "Hey I know how your favorite hockey team is ____________ I just saw this great article about your team and thought of you... here is the link to the article, I hope you are having a great day."

Take the time to really deliver something of value to that person when writing on their Facebook wall. Remember to write on 5 people’s wall a day (or per week) with something of value to them.

The next step is to begin chats with 5 people a day (or a week) on Facebook. The chat area on Facebook is a simple and fast way to connect and engage with your database.

A simple and powerful way to start up a chat with anyone on Facebook would simply be to ask them “How’s work?” They will respond and bring you up to speed with what is happening in their work and will most likely lead to them asking you “How’s your work?” this opens the door for you to share with them.

Now really pay attention to this next part... If they ask you how your work is we need to be ready with an excellent engaging response like -

“What a market for opportunity. Listing inventory is down and sales activity is up. We are seeing some really good first time buys and move up buys for someone wanting to get into the market or upgrade their existing home. Thanks for asking.”

Take the time to engage on Facebook 5 chats a day or a week and build that opportunity to share about the market in a pleasant way.

The final "5" on Facebook is to private message 5 people a day or week on Facebook.

The stats are showing that almost 100% of private messages are being responded to on Facebook through private messaging. That is a far better response rate than email.

Private message is a great way to check in with someone and ask if there is anything you can do for them and let them know how much you appreciate them as a friend and what they mean to you and your business success.

So many people would do business with their agent again but don’t because their agent never kept in touch with them.

What a simple and powerful social way of keeping in touch with 5 people a day or week in your database on Facebook.

Use Reciprocity Marketing in Your Real Estate Business to Go to the Next Level

As you begin to really connect with your database you can now start to put your reciprocity marketing into place on Facebook. I always love the power of giving to get. More importantly giving with no expectation of return. There are so many opportunities for us to give on Facebook with our

I love that you have the ability to "Gift" someone on Facebook. Why not each week take a bit of your business budget and build up your "give to get" factor on Facebook. Look for the Gift tab on Facebook and with Amazon you are able to digitally or physically gift anyone in your Facebook database.

What would a $5 gift card to Starbucks for a friend on Facebook do for your relationship?

Think of all the opportunities you have for a gift on Facebook like; Birthday, Wedding Anniversaries, Home purchase Anniversary, Accomplishments and more.

Set a budget for how many gift moments you would like to create on Facebook. You even have the ability to share the wall post of the gift on your Facebook wall and their Facebook wall if you wanted too.

Another great opportunity on Facebook we can do is take the time to post our Best Buys or Hot Deals on the market.

How many of us have ever bought a vacation or an item from an email notification of a hot deal? We had no intention buying anything but saw this incredible deal and had to buy it before we missed out.

We are in the "creating" business and not the "waiting" business.

Why not post your deal of the day or the deal of the week? Something that you know is a fantastic buy for somebody.

My post would read “I have no reason to believe you’re in the market for another home but if you know a friend or family member who might want this hot deal, just message me with their name and number and I will follow it up and give them excellent service.”

Share the hot deal and why it is a hot deal.

Don’t give the address.

Have them call you for more details to view. It is not so much about the people in your Facebook database but "who" they might know looking for a hot deal and referring you the lead.

For those of you that are not Facebook savvy and have very little or no time to be looking for good content to share with your Facebook audience, do not be afraid. I personally recommend you look at City Blast.

City Blast is a customizable content posting system for real estate professionals around North America. City blast will post when you want, what you want, how often you want valuable content on Facebook and other social pages automatically for you for very little cost. It is fantastic content about many different topics including real estate and all written, found and posted on your pages while you are out face to face with your clients.

I spoke to the owners of City Blast and negotiated a special offer for you... check out and get your free trial started today!

I hope these ideas for Facebook marketing in 2014 will deepen your relationships and build your reciprocity factor for your business.

I know your value proposition will increase and the leads and referrals will come from Facebook if you take the time to implement this system for your real estate business.

Take action and dare to be different in 2014 with your business.

Strength and courage,


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