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Real Estate Success Comes From Energy Management and Not Time Management

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real estate energy managementThe past ten months has been a reminder for me and my family how important our health is and how our health is the foundation for everything else in our personal and professional lives.

For almost a year now my 12 year old daughter Goldie has been struggling with her own health and it has really impacted our family and a is huge reminder how fragile anyone, including my own health really is. We have seen so many doctors and had so many tests done and seems to be road block after road block and no answers of what is wrong. So many of us including myself take our health for granted and don’t realize the impact on our lives when our health or loved ones health is being affected in a negative way.

I remember in the spring of 2004 when I was still actively selling and having my best year ever in real estate and woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my chest. I was working long hours, not eating properly and not getting rest or controlling my stress. I am in triage weighing on my way to almost 400 pounds and hooked up to all kinds of monitors and devices and thinking this could be it for me. The irony was, I thought the day before that, I was one of the most successful agents I knew and boy was I wrong. The real estate business just sucked me in and I thought if I made more money that life would just be that much better.

I was so disciplined in so many areas of my life but just couldn’t take care of myself physically. I have always been a comfort eater and dealt with stress, anger and frustration with food and drink that gave me a short relief but it just added to my long term health demise. I finally chose to surrender and find some help. I found a personal trainer in my life that now trains me three days a week and holds me accountable and reminds me not to diet but to always be careful not to eat or put anything in my mouth I cannot pick or I cannot kill. I am stronger than I was in my twenties and thirties and have so much more energy than ever before. I have just begun training for my second power lifting competition in 2016.

Don’t think I am out of the woods and stopped having my days of eating and drinking what I shouldn’t but now I am able to get back on track and not let the eating badly and not exercising carry on for days, weeks and months at a time. If our health is good and our nutrition, hydration and exercise is on track the energy and the results at home and at work are better than one could ever imagine. I am so happy to report that my daughters health has improved recently and we are seeing some positive results from the proper nutrition, hydration and management of stress in her life and truly grateful for that improvement and have some hope after 10 very long months.

I cannot tell you how important our own health and our loved ones health is and the foundation of all of our lives personally and professionally is directly affected by our health. Real estate and the drive for success can easily create bad eating, drinking and exercise habits and I know this first hand. Success in business and in life is not about time management but about our energy management. I trust that you find someone or something to hold you accountable and to help you keep your health on track and begin to see that you working on "you" and your health has a direct impact on everything else.

Strength and Courage,


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