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Social Media Marketing for Realtors – What is Your Strategy?

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Social Media and Real Estate... Not Like Anything Else You Ever Heard

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It is amazing how we never do anything by ourselves anymore. We do everything now with our friends. This is the single biggest impact of social media.

Relationships are being built online now. It is where our friends all live. What kind of relationships do you have with your business online? This believe it or not will not be going away.

Just like in our offline world, when someone has a question they go and seek out an authority on the subject. This is usually someone you know or someone a friend knows. The same is now true online.

Are you known as an authority of your profession online?

Social media is now impacting our search for an authority on most everything now.

So the question now becomes... How do you become an authority online and at the same time build value with your online relationships?

Tips on getting started…

The great and powerful Google controls the online kingdom. With tons of cool products and tools for the online consumer. Whether we like it or not take the time to complete and create an online profile with Google plus. Fill in all the details, tell the world a bit about yourself and add a good picture.

While you are at it do the same with BING.

Now go and create your profile in SocialBios This will allow you to connect to people and prospects with common interests quicker and faster than plowing through all your online connections. You just never know who and what you will find with other social peers to connect you. This is the beginning of deepening your online relationships.

For years now I have listened to so many speakers and nobody has really explained to me how you really can prospect and make money with social media tools. Until now! Thank-you guru Stephen Pacinelli and this fantastic tip for today's social media savvy agent.

1. Go into your Facebook page

2. Look for the search area in the top left of your page.

3. Type in any keyword search related to our industry; such as "buying, selling, moving, rent, transfer, relocating, realtor, good realtor, thinking about buying, thinking about selling... and then "your home town" and then "real estate"... For example "buying Kelowna real estate"...  be sure to put your search term in “ “ quotations.
facebook real estate prospecting

4. Click the magnifying glass.
social media realtor

5. Then on the left side column click “public posts”
facebook realtor lead gen


6. You now will see anyone in Facebook that has made reference in their posts regarding any of the keywords you placed in the search box!
social media real estate lead


7. Once you find a prospect you can then send them a message like “saw your post on Facebook and I thought you might find this information helpful. Any questions. I would love to help.”


Twitter with the use of Hootsuite also allows you to manage tweets and conversations about the above search on Facebook. You are unable to message the prospect directly like Facebook but you can reply a tweet back with a link to your own site or information answering their question.

Pinterest is the newest, hottest and fastest growing social media site right now. It is all visual with images, graphics and video. It can be ideal for real estate marketing as this business is so visually oriented. Try to think outside the box to get an edge... don't just think houses but also think interior design, before and after, neighbourhoods, how to videos, infographics, Top 10 lists. Remember to always add a link back to your website or listing.

YouTube is another fantastic site for marketing and building a social following. Most realtors are already having video created for some of their listings and virtual tours so why not also upload them to YouTube while you are at it? Don't just stop there though... if you specialize in a particular community why not upload some video of the area showcasing amenities, schools, golf courses, shopping etc... be sure to add lots of relevant keywords in the title and description so it will get found on the search engines when potential clients go searching... again remember to add a link to your website in the description.

The biggest mistake most businesses/businesspeople make when using Social Media is they use it as an advertising platform. People go onto their favorite social platforms to get away from business, work and being "sold to"... they want one thing... "SOCIAL"... it's all about relationship, about fun, connecting and hanging out.

If you take the 90-10 approach to social media you will do well. 90% of the time just interact, share interesting, funny and engaging stories, photos, videos etc. and 10% of the time you can throw in a "pitch"... a link... an offer. If you are consistent with the 90% you will earn the trust of the people in your circle and they will have no problem with the 10%.

Think of how you are with a new client, do you just plow right into the offer, the listing, the business? Or do you get to know them? What do you do? Do you have a family? What are your kids into? Do you have hobbies? Where did you move from? Do you like golf? It is the same thing with social media... be "social".

The great thing about social media is if you take the time to build a large following you can communicate with, build trust with and develop relationships with hundreds or even thousands of people all at the same time with the same message with the click of one button. In offline life you have to build these relationships one at a time.

The key to social media success is to behave the same way you behave offline as you do online as a real estate professional. The key to your success is about one thing. Give to get. Don’t be boastful. Be helpful.

The best marketing on social media is posting buying opportunities. Just post an opportunity and ask if anyone is interested to call, text or email you for more information about your fantastic buying opportunity. We are in the "creating real estate opportunity" business.

Do you know the best, hottest real estate opportunities in your market?

Why not briefly, discreetly and professionally share a bit about the opportunity on your social media channels and just ask someone to contact you outside of the social arena for more information about this amazing opportunity?

Social Media is a powerful tool with virtually no limits other than the ones you place on it. Take some time to develop a realistic, sustainable strategy and then make it part of your daily real estate marketing.

Strength and courage,


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