The Power of Real Estate Agents Begging For Feedback

How Would Your Clients Grade You as a REALTOR?

realtor customer feedbackWe have all seen them, the surveys and review requests sent to us asking ever so nicely to take the time to complete. So why is asking for feedback and input for products and services such a common thing in business and what is so important to this process?

Is it fair to say that assuming what people want and need during a real estate transaction is a dangerous assumption? It is like your waitress plopping down your order in front of you and not asking you if you ordered it or if you are enjoying your meal.

Knowing what a customer in your real estate business needs, wants, liked and disliked is gold!

Even with a short survey you learn buckets of information about their pain, fears and desires of people doing business with you or in the real estate experience in general. A great mentor always said to me “Wade, just because you don’t look in the mirror my friend doesn’t mean you are not fat.”

How many of us take to the time to beg for feedback?

It amazes me the number of real estate agents that don’t measure or track the services they provide, it is almost like they are afraid of something.

So what are we afraid of or hiding from?

The idea of a survey is to get business direction from your customers and followers, but without annoying them.

We should want to know the language they use to describe their pain and desires when buying and selling real estate. That is the same language we want to use in our marketing copy to really engage and connect with the consumer. It is no different than a conversation with a friend seeking your advice.

We all know people buy with their emotions right? Well check out some actual feedback given to various REALTORS who requested feedback (names removed). Check out the “power” words in these comments.

Actual REALTOR Feedback

  • [NAME] has a great personality that softens the sting of some tough negotiations. Having an excellent team behind her is also a big plus and settlements have always been efficient and easy.
  • I do not think I have ever worked with anyone who was more responsive. All questions and requests were dealt with instantly and well.
  • I worked with [NAME] on purchasing a home and the process was easy and quick!
  • The entire process from listing the property through to the day of settlement has always been smooth. Whether an email, text message or phone call, [NAME] is always available to answer questions and put our mind to rest.
  • He was able to overcome any issues that we had in selling our home.He made it very easy for us.
  • [NAME] provided me the smoothest and most pleasant home buying experience I could have ever imagined.
  • Every question, every doubt, every concern was met head on and resolved immediately. What is peace of mind worth to you?

Reading this feedback shows how much people are afraid, have doubts, questions and concerns about buying and selling real estate and also how they want someone to make the process easy, care free, efficient and quick.

Do you really want to leave it to chance whether or not you are doing these things up to your clients expectations and needs?

Where to Begin With Getting Feedback as an Agent?

First you learn all about what’s not working in their work, life, relationship, health and you probe for solutions. We can take the data and improve and be a better agent and use the positive feedback for testimonials and references to what it is like to do business with you.

We used a simple survey system we mailed out or emailed out to the customer ourselves but it actually looked like a survey coming from an independent research company that was surveying on our behalf. We wanted our clients to think the survey is not biased and the feedback would not have value or fall on deaf ears.

Even better they could now comfortably be more open and if needed be brutally honest without worrying about me getting this and being offended or upset. We would mail out the survey with an empty envelope, addressed to our broker owner managers with paid postage to increase the return response rate. We would email the survey from a third party Gmail address so we could again increase the response rate and quality of the feedback by not using our own email addresses.

Click the link below to see a sample of the survey.

Realtor Customer Feedback Survey

I can’t tell you how powerful this process is to your business and the huge growth and knowledge you will gain from this process is Gold!

I hope you find the courage to beg for feedback and really get excited about taking your real estate business to the next level. The worst thing that will happen is you have some great testimonial content from it all. I know I certainly did!

Strength and Courage,


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