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The Secret To Getting More Real Estate Listings and Sales

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How Learning Versatility as a REALTOR Leads to Greater Success

more listings and sales real estateI am sure everyone is familiar with the four personality types. We all fall under one of these styles and another one of the styles when under stress.

Let’s quickly review the four personality types or natural styles...

First we have the Analytical style. This is the person who just wants the facts, figures, ask the questions and the type of person who is slow to make decisions.

Then we have the Expressive style, which is the person who is highly emotional, excited and just loves to have fun all the times

The third personality is the Amiable style who love to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They just want to save the world and avoid confrontation at all costs.

The final personality type is the Drive style who love to be in control, impatient and make very quick decisions about everything.

Now that we know the styles, ask yourself which one are you?

Can you recognize quickly which personality style are your customers?

Hint: We tend to marry our opposite style and they tend to attract one another.

My natural style is Expressive but ironically I tend to be under stress more of a Driver style and need to be careful who I am around when under stress, if you know what I mean.

So you are probably wondering... "Wade this is your secret to more real estate listings and sales? The four personality types in the world and knowing your own natural style?"

No, the secret to more listings and sales is your ability to be versatile with any one of these natural styles when dealing with your clients that are buying and selling homes with you. The dictionary definition says.

1. Capable of doing many things competently. 2. Having varied uses or serving many functions. 3. Variable or changeable.

In the workplace today, technology and the pace of business have increased the number of people who we interact with and shortened the time we have to build relationships and increased the need to interact effectively. Your ability to adapt and mirror to a variety of people and so many different situations in this business is so important and can improve your interactions with others by 75%.

Having the skills to deal with them all in a variety of different ways is key to agents getting more listings and sales in real estate.

Your ability to have a seller want to sell their home and at the price you suggest or buyers to buy from you in a shorter period of time simply comes from your versatility.

The agent who can move quickly and cut to the chase for the Driver style or asks the Amiable style how they are feeling or gets excited and emotional with the Expressive style and asks lots of questions and provides a ton of data for the Analytical will win the more listings and sales every time.

I know that when an agent does not care to be right all the time, is willing to check their ego at the door, can put themselves in uncomfortable positions, can get outside their own comfort zone and willing to try new things I guarantee that agent will see a dramatic increase in their listing and sales success in the business.

I hope this post will help you to explore your own versatility and open the flood gates with your own business and begin to see more listings and sales as a REALTOR in 2015.

Strength and Courage,


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