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 Interested in Real Estate Advertising That Works? Of Course You Are...

dont waste real estate ad moneyWho thinks they spend too much money on real estate advertising that does not work?

Who wishes they got a better return on investment from their real estate ads?

Who is open minded and open to a real estate advertising paradigm shift?

Real estate advertising is an art.

It is similar to a martial art which takes time... patience... practice and is learned.

For real estate advertising to be most effective it needs to be interactive.

Your advertising needs to be "selling" and not like most ads that are just "telling".

The secret in real estate advertising the pros use is called “HOODOO".

Real estate mentor Ian Grace has taught me this amazing memory device all multi-million dollar company ads use around the world.

First, you establish "WHO"...

Who will see the most value in your real estate listing?

This is the “HOO”

Next, you must tell them what it is they can DO as a direct result of buying your listing.

This is the “DOO”

Now determine the best place to market to your audience and how to get your message to them fast.

Take the time to do some research...

  • Explore the best place to find your target audience.
  • How can you most effectively communicate with them in a language they understand.
  • Ask your seller "who" is the best demographic for their home.
  • Ask you seller the most powerful benefits a new owner would gain from purchasing their home.

Test any professional ad designed using “HOODOO” technique and it will pass the "effectiveness" test every time.

Like this!


1) Don’t use the photo of your listing in your ad

2) Use a photo of what you can do when you purchase this listing

3) Use a photo that triggers emotion

4) Use a photo with people in it, lifestyle photos

5) Headline must state "Benefit" to the buyer

6) Headline must trigger curiosity, engage

7) Stop selling the house and start selling "living there"

8) Follow a plan – Heading, Content, Photo (like a movie – script first, actors and then film)


Strength and courage,


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