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Top 8 Real Estate Productivity Boosters

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Learn the Steps to Maximize Your Time and Effort as a REALTOR

Anyone interested in learning how to effectively increase their real estate business productivity?

...thought so!

I recently spent 2 days with a mentor, friend and coach Rich Robbins and was reminded how quickly we can begin to slide back to the way we used to do things (or not do things) and the power of people being creatures of habit.

This time with my friend reminded of the importance of energy management and how it is even more important than our time management.

Do you realize how important it is to be intentional with your energy level, passion level and your positive mindset? Or, how much is needed to maintain a peak state in your real estate business, a sport, relationships and on and on.

This week I want to share the eight important activities you as an agent can implement in your real estate business to keep your production at a high peak or at least give it a boost we all need on a regular basis.

Not sure about you but I find for myself that without accountability, my real estate mentors, books, tapes and small groups it is almost impossible for me to maintain a peak state of high energy, passion, enthusiasm and work ethic for long periods of time without all of these 8 key activities plugged into my business.

Top 8 Real Estate Productivity Boosters

[step_graphics style="5" color="#3f20c3"][step style="5" text="1" headline="Take Control of Your Time Off"]

Book your TIME OFF before your time on. I learned early in my real estate career from the likes of Jim Rohn that time blocking is key. Book your holidays, time off, family functions, date night, conferences, special events and anything for your personal growth, your marriage, your children, your family and friends, vacations and rest and relaxation first.

Personally I like to have these events booked a minimum 1 year in advance. This gives me energy and something to work towards and look forward to.

If you don’t take control of your time off then something or someone else will take control of it for you.

Even in my busiest time of my career I knew I had a week off booked to get away from it all every six weeks.

[/step][step style="5" text="2" headline="Single Task Vs. Multi-Task"]

In Gary Keller’s new book “The One Thing.” Keller shares the importance of single tasking and the damage multi-tasking has on our personal and professional lives.

Scientists now know our brains are incapable of thinking of two things at the same time. Multi-tasking is a myth and can reduce productivity and increase error by 50%.

Did you know the average person changes windows (screens) on their computer on average 37 times a day?

Distracted driving now accounts for 16% of accidents in motor vehicles and climbing fast.

If you do anything this year develop the habit of single tasking and watch your productivity and effectiveness skyrocket both personally and professionally.

[/step][step style="5" text="3" headline="Reduce Distractions"]

Researchers found that people are interrupted every 11 minutes and spend one third of their day recovering from distractions. It is so important to control your environment and turn off the cell phone, close the door and put up the do not disturb sign.

“Concentrate all your thoughts on the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell.

I never allowed a client to directly get a hold of me unless I allowed it to happen. The cell phone is forwarded with real time voice mail or ringing at my assistants desk. The email was set with real time auto responders to let them know their email was received and I would return their email between "this time and this time" during the day. Now I even have my personal office tucked away in a private little corner to be able to control my environment and time more than ever.

[/step][step style="5" text="4" headline="Fly On Auto Pilot Whenever Possible"]

The human brain makes up 2% of the body but consumes 20% of the body’s energy. Take as much “thinking” out of your life as possible and automate, systematize and delegate whenever you can.

Schedule your important activities and put urgencies on a daily to-do list.

I love the "3-D" test as I call it. Ask yourself...

Do I do it?
Do I delegate it?
Do I dump it?

The greater your ability to constantly 3-D test all the activities of your day to day business will directly impact the increase of your productivity. The skill of automation, delegation and prioritization is key to all top producers in this business success. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge control freak. I have just come to realize that anything that is done by someone else 85% as good as I would have done it, is fantastic!

[/step][step style="5" text="5" headline="Replace Bad Habits With Good Habits"]

When tying your shoes, do you stop and think about whether you should do the right shoe or left shoe first? No, it is a Habit. Do you think about whether to brush your teeth before you shower or after you shower? No, it is habit.

A study at Duke University found that more than 40% of what people do every day is not deliberate but a habit.

Identify some of your counter productive habits and really focus on what you can do to replace and create stronger, better and more effective habits in your personal and professional lives.

The definition of Insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Stop the insanity! One simple example would be; watch T.V or read a book instead, just try it!

[/step][step style="5" text="6" headline="Use Productivity Apps"]

We have all heard the sayings “Time is money” or “Work smarter not harder”. I am teaching my coaching clients and top producers to constantly be seeking ways, tools and devices to make their efficiency levels higher than ever.

Here are some of the Top 5 Real Estate productivity Apps you might want to test out for your own business. BombBomb. Snagit. Slide Shark. Docusign. Clear.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what some of your best Apps for productivity in your real estate business are!

[/step][step style="5" text="7" headline="Maximize Your Energy"]

Are we getting enough sleep? Do you get up at the same time every day? Do you take time to be quiet and meditate? Do you block regular time to exercise? Are you drinking water all day to cleanse your body? Are you eating 4-5 small meals a day?

Personally I go to bed the same time every evening and wake up the same time every morning. I have hired a personal trainer to keep my exercise and strength regiment consistent as well my favorite new tool to maximize my energy is an App called MyFitnessPal which helps me make so many better choices when eating out or eating on the run, it is amazing!

[/step][step style="5" text="8" headline="Stop the Highjackers"]

In today’s new world of google, social media, smartphones and 24/7 news media, it is not surprising many of us have become addicted to information and noise. Personally, I struggle as a people person to not react all the time to my smartphone and struggle every day to not be constantly reacting and responding to someone else.

I do my best to come home and try to just turn it off and remind myself, everything else on the list can wait till the morning. Easier said than done for me.

Identify the top 3 highjackers of your time, energy and attention that pull you off task, bring you down or hinder your ability to focus and be in the moment. Implement awareness and strategies to shut those highjackers down.


I trust these productivity boosters really resonate with you and that you will take action moving forward to maintain a peak state in your personal and professional lives.

I DARE YOU... Try taking one action step from each of these eight production boosters and see what happens to your real estate productivity in the next 30 days and feel free to let me know what kind of impact it has on you and your business. (I think I already know what the answer will be).

Strength and courage,


Be "productive" and pass this post on to someone today... Please!!!



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