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Why Should a Person Do Business with Me as a Realtor?

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why would a person do business with me as a realtorI was recently attending an event and presentation in Miami with speaker and author Mike Staver that really challenged and inspired me to share with you all.

Let me start by asking... “As a real estate agent, why should a person do business with you?”

What would you tell them if you were asked that important question. “Why would I do business with you?”

Amazingly, why someone does business with you are not necessarily the reasons you may think!


People do business with you 20-30% of the time for:

a) Your skills
b) Your knowledge
c) Your experience
d) Your history in the real estate business

They do business with you 70-80% of the time because of:

a) Your communication
b) Your relationship skills
c) Your clarity of purpose of why you do what you do for a living
d) Your ability to solve problems
e) Your ability to think outside the box

Does this now influence what you would tell people why they should do business with you? It sure did for me!

In all the noise, clutter and competition in real estate do you stand out amongst the crowd?

Your corporate brand combined with your own brand will help you to stand out amongst the noise.

Be careful not to feel like you're bigger than your corporate brand and company presence.

More importantly are you a leader in real estate and in your trading area or are you a follower?

So many of us are attracted to the leaders and innovators in more than just real estate; actors, authors, athletes, musicians and not the herd and followers.

What is the compelling reason to do business with you? What makes you stand out amongst the competition and noise?

Do you as an agent stand out?

 Your corporate brand and office history has significance.
 Your leadership and innovation makes an impact on your area and others around you.
 What makes you stand out?
 What is the compelling reason to do business with you?

How many of you think... "If I just have a great attitude and have a great plan then I am guaranteed to be a success?" That is actually the furthest thing from the truth and one of the reasons why most agents are not successful in the business.

Staver said “It is not about "things differently" but about different things.” If you have a lack of focus and even more important, lack the ability to execute you are destined for failure.

Would you agree that 2 incredibly important reasons people do business with you is you are focused and that you take action?

Really think about it, do agents need more stuff? Need to know more? Or do they just need to be focused and take action and execute on the things they already have and already know?

Are you playing it safe? Taking risks?

I loved the analogy of the Marlin and the big game fisherman. If you have not big game fished then you have not experienced the roughest seas.

It is not by chance that the biggest fish are in the roughest waters. The smallest fish are in the calmest waters.

Think about that as realtors, are you getting outside your comfort zone and playing in the roughest waters with all the other big fish in real estate or are you just hanging with the small fish in the calm water and always playing it safe?

Is it time to get out of your comfort zone and make your comfort zone bigger? Is it maybe time to stop staying safe in your miserable real estate world?

Your Culture in Real Estate

We hear all the time about the culture with companies like Google, Apple and Facebook and so many people want to work with those companies and do business with them largely because of that culture.

Wouldn't it be important for you to have your own positive, engaging, attractive culture in your own real estate business?

What I mean by that is your personal values, beliefs and philosophy for your personal and professional life.

Your culture is evident by the stories people tell you and tell others about what it is like to do business with you.

Are people telling stories about doing business with you?

Do you need to step up and create your own culture?

What would it mean to you if people were telling your story?

How Do You Create Your Own Culture?

Take a look at all the different core values on this value sheet. These represent a large cross section of values in business and life. The things that are most important to people.

What I would like you to do is take a few minutes and choose the top 5 core values that just resonate with you the most right away.

Then I want you to narrow the 5 values to the top 3.

Then out of the 3 I want you to pick the one value you would fight like crazy to keep and not lose no matter what.

Then take a minute and think about the story, the incident the event or time that is behind this core value and why you would fight so hard for it.

Why Do Business With Me Agentsboost - Core ValuesHow Do You Create Focus in Your Real Estate Business?

Then I want you to think and write down the 3 biggest sources of drag on your business? What are the top 3 things dragging on you or holding you back. Is it someone? Is It something? Is it you? What are the 3 biggest things that are the biggest drag?

High Gain Activity

Law of incrementalism
 5 days
 All day long
 1 activity

 Reduce drag
 More purpose, focus and value
 Focus on 1 activity

So let’s now think of the one thing! The one activity! The most impactful action that would have the most impactful result on your business. What is that one thing?

I want you to commit to yourself that for the next 5 days. All day long you will take action on that one activity. The law of incrementalism is defined as one action done consistently over a 90 day period. This commitment alone can have a massive effect. Would you agree? Do you believe that?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and business. Today you can choose to reduce and eliminate that drag. Today you can have purpose and do that one thing with focus and add value to others. Focus on that one thing and see incremental improvements on your business and life.

Strength and Courage,


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