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How To Create That Perfect Week In Real Estate

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Scheduling a Balanced Week as a REALTOR is Vital to Your Success

perfect week in real estateIt amazes me when I start with a coaching client from day one we always create the perfect week in real estate.

How important is it taking a blank week schedule template with the days of the week running across the top and the time of day from 5 am to 10 pm running down the side and scheduling that perfect week?

We all have heard the advice "finish your week before it begins" and "time block" and "planning is important" but so few people actually take the time to design the perfect week before it even begins.

The fact that no two days in real estate are alike is a blessing and a curse for agents. We feed off the excitement but also get off track from the distraction of this type of business.

So, what's the best way to stay focused and achieve the highest results while juggling the demands of our personal and business lives?

It is to create and follow a predetermined,detailed scheduled course of action and stick to it!

Routine, schedules and habits minimize the decisions we have to make each day and the fewer the decisions we have to make the better we do in business and life.

You probably don't think you can follow a schedule or routine but you would be surprised how much you already do. Take brushing your teeth, combing your hair and the things you eat are all things just in the morning you do the same way over and over.

7 Ideas to Create the Perfect Week and Schedule in Your Real Estate Biz

  1. Define Your Why? - What is the biggest reason for doing what you do for a profession? What is the one thing you love that gives you purpose in what you do? What are the dreams and goals that drive you to go to work every day? Take the time to define your purpose... your why... your dreams and your desires in life and clearly write them down first. Doing this step helps insure the most important things to you get proper placement on your schedule.
  2. Then take your schedule and begin with time for YOU - In order for you to be good for others you need to be good yourself. Take time to read, rest, listen, exercise, have fun including holidays and traveling and enjoy your closest friends and family members each day and week into your schedule first. Who? What? Why? What are the things that make you better physically, mentally and spiritually? Schedule them first!
  3. Learn what to say and how to say it - So many new agents don't know what to say and how to say it and so many top producing agents have forgotten what they learned to say and how to say it in this business. Schedule 30 minutes a day and review your presentations, dialogs, objections and really internalize them to be that effective and engaging communicator. It can be as simple as what you say and how you say it when calling a past client. "Hi this is ________ calling form ____________ realty how are you today? This is a business call. Of all the people you know who do you think will be buying or selling next?" Obviously you need to add the personal relational dialog to it but really think how important it is to know how to ask for the business? This simple practice will give you confidence and help refine your customer dialogue to peak efficiency.
  4. Prospecting and Lead Generation time - Now that you are warmed up by taking 30 minutes to become a better communicator you are ready for lead gen. Blocking at least 2 hours a day for prospecting and lead generation is critical to any real estate agents success. This is face to face or voice to voice activities or personal hand written notes that will create listing and buying appointments for you and your business. We all know if you don't take the time first thing in the morning to practice the communication and to prospect and lead generate first thing in your day, there is always someone or something else that will rob you of your day and it will never get done.
  5. Schedule your appointments for buyers and sellers - We need to be scheduling appointments in real estate. When are you at your best? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? To be able to engage and effectively convert those buyer and seller appointments into listing and buyer agreements. The successful appointment is the appointment that leads to written agreements like listing and purchase contracts which is the reason behind the appointment.
  6. Schedule time to work on your business - Prioritize your activities with a simple system like a "To Do - Doing and Done" board to visually see where you are at and choose what is important and priority when it is written out in front of you. Take 3 white boards and place them on your office wall. To Do. Doing and Done on each of the white boards in your office. This simple system keeps you on task and get the things that are important done first!
  7. Always use the 3D test - Everything you do and schedule always ask yourself is this the best thing form me to DO? For me to Delegate? Or for me to just Dump because it is just not priority or important enough?

When agents have a clear, scheduled detailed plan of what the ideal week personally and professionally looks like and is clearly defined and laid out for them each week they eliminate the decisions, guessing and know the importance of what actions are priority to them personally and professionally.

Eliminate the "chaos" of real estate and life and have a clear picture of what it is you want and what it is you need to do and when to do it to accomplish that dream of living the good life.

I have attached a blank template for you to begin creating your own perfect week... follow the steps I suggest when you fill in the slots and I trust you will start living the life you were meant to live in real estate and life.

Click Here to Download a Blank Spreadsheet Here

Strength and Courage,


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