21 Low or No Cost Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2014

Effective Real Estate Marketing with Little to No Money

21 real estate marketing tipsLast year our 21 Low/No Cost Real Estate Marketing Tips post was by far the most popular post on AgentsBoost for 2013, so we decided we better give you more of what you are looking for, so sit back, relax and let these new marketing tips for your real estate biz sink in.

Personally, when I come across a list like this I often initially feel a tad overwhelmed which can lead to freezing and doing nothing. To help with this I encourage you after reading this post through to pick the one tip that most resonates with you and your business and proceed to implement it.

The other 20 tips will be here next week or next month when you come back to tackle the second one. If you make a plan to implement one tip per week or per month, then by the end of the year you will have developed numerous additional marketing strategies to be a more effective and successful Realtor.

Also to help from keeping this post getting too long we broke the tips into 2 batches… 21 in this post and then at the bottom of the post you can fill in the form below and receive 20 more great marketing tips in a nice little Report we did up for you.

With all that said let’s get right into it…

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  1. Create on Power Point a Listing, Buyer and Pricing presentation.
  2. Create on Word a Home Buyer Guide and Home Seller Guide to hand out and email.
  3. Mentor someone or find a mentor for you and your real estate business.
  4. Give a recommendation testimonial for someone on your Linkedin social media page without asking for one first. Give to get!
  5. Private Chat someone on your Facebook page “How’s work?” In hopes they ask you in return “How’s work?” opens the door to talk real estate.
  6. Write on someone’s Facebook wall and share something of interest to them. Video, article or even just words of encouragement.
  7. Private message someone on Facebook and connect with them. Ask them how they are doing? Ask them “anything I can do for you?” Let them know they are valued. Huge response rate using Facebook private messaging.
  8. Tweet on Twitter what’s happening around your community. News, events, entertainment and more.
  9. Write and drop off to someone a personal hand written note.
  10. Drop someone a homemade Birthday Card, Wedding Anniversary Card, Anniversary Of Their House Purchase Card.
  11. Free website – www.weebly.com also http://slideshare.net/tinainvirginia/75-free-sites-for-real-estate-agents.
  12. Free Blog – ActiveRain, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger
  13. Get SEO Optimized – www.seobook.com  (Something for newbies and experts alike).
  14. Submit your website to Free Directories for syndication. The Directory creates links to your website.
  15. Create free online Flyers – www.vflyer.com
  16. Go Viral On the Internet Free – Write an article on a 101 ways to do something and watch it go viral on the internet.
  17. Hand out a business card. (Don’t overlook the power of doing this on a regular basis).
  18. Ask for Referrals and reward the behavior when you get it and when it closes.
  19. Email Marketing to your client email database – Articles. Just listed. Just Sold. Open Invitation. I have a Buyer. Stats. Etc.
  20. Free online marketing training. Just Google it!
  21. Write articles and get published online for free www.ezinearticles.com.

There you go! 21 real estate marketing tips to help you be more productive in 2014.

Step #1… Get your copy of the Bonus 20 marketing ideas below.
Step #2… Pick 1 (at least) tip from the bunch and implement starting today… NO ACTUALLY… Start Right NOW!!

To your abundant success in this upcoming year.

Strength and Courage,


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