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The Right Mindset In Real Estate

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Willing to Change Your Mind about Your Real Estate Business?

real estate mindsetEveryone has a story, reason or an excuse why they can’t do what we are supposed to do every day in real estate, including me!

Albert Schweitzer was quoted “Conformity, we all just do what all the others do to fit in.”

Did we get into real estate to be like everyone else?

Is it time to stop conforming and start separating ourselves from the herd?

In order to stop the conformity we must take control of what goes on in our heads. The right real estate mindset is nothing more than looking at what "thought" we hope to have at any given moment regarding ourselves, our business or what we are doing.

I remember getting in a small fender bender, call it a bump on the back of the car and the other person going on about how bad the accident was and making up this big story and acting like the whole thing was true.

It is our job to develop the mental strength to not allow us to react this way and to be honest with ourselves and others and develop a stronger mindset.

A large portion of the world operates in a state of negativity and negative thinking. Negative thinking is so powerful and so prevalent with media and our societies that idle minds default to negative thinking automatically.

Every day in real estate we have options that we are faced with...

  • To work or not work?
  • To follow schedules or to not follow schedules?
  • To prospect or not to prospect? To follow up or not to follow up?
  • To decide to succeed to allow ourselves to fail?

Ego, our little voice that reminds us every day of what we know, reminds us of our past experiences and protects us from being comfortable and just accepting every day and causes us to judge every day.

It is up to us to kill it off and to DECIDE it is going to end and squash our ego and that little voice. We all have those daily ups and downs and need to develop an intense desire to achieve our goals and keep a sound mindset in business and life.

We all have hundreds of distractions (CCATs meaning Creative, Call, Avoidance, Techniques) each day that can hurt our mindset and cost us time, money and the drama we create.

Develop a Stronger Mindset as a Realtor

Here is one simple powerful tip to maintain a stronger mindset. Take four fifteen minute breaks a day and reset, walk away and listen, read, or call someone that inspires and recharges and refuels your soul.

Our thoughts will lead to our beliefs and our beliefs will lead to our actions and our actions will lead to our results.

Too many people spend all their time focusing on what they don’t like or cannot do and keep themselves unproductive day in and day out. Start being open to the possibility and be a "yes" person to anything and everything.

You make decisions to work outside the boundaries of other traditional agents and start making nontraditional income which takes us all doing nontraditional activities that other agents do not do well or do not do period!

Develop a strong mindset that we are in a business of rejection and that we are only one more "No" closer to a "Yes" and this is just part of our typical day

What Would You Do for $360,000 a Year in Your Real Estate Business?

Consider this scenario for a second...

  • 6000 clients calls a year...
  • Call 25 a day
  • Call 240 days a year
  • List 70 homes
  • Sell 60 of them for $6000 each
  • Totals $360,000 commission
  • 5930 rejections in the year

Would you call 25 people a day for 2 to 3 hours a day for $360,000 a year?

The important question is... "why are we all not doing this"?

We become what we think of most and what the mind can conceive and believe we can achieve. Ask yourself these 4 important questions today.

1) What changes do I have to make to increase my production?

2) Am I willing to do something right now to increase my production?

3) When am I going to start?

4) What am I holding onto and need to let go to get to another level?

I trust this will help us all develop a stronger mindset in real estate and to make a change today in our personal and professional lives.

Strength and Courage,


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